Lightheaded’s Pure Thoughts Review

What happens when you take one rapper/producer from Oregon, a white guy who raps better than one would think and a black rapper who can rhyme as fast if not faster then Twista. You get Lightheaded, no not literally put the super group Lightheaded. Lightheaded is made Braille, Ohmega Watts and Othello. Each rapper brings something unique to the group that makes them so talented, Othello is the line buster he destroys his rapping speed is unbelievable, Ohmega Watts is arguably one of the top two producers in the underground hip hop world (the other being Theory Hazit) plus his verses are well-respected and Braille is the medium between the two emcees his verses relate to the listener. Can Lightheaded’s debut album Pure Thoughts be equal to the talent of group itself or does the album not match the talent.
Pure Thoughts comes out with bang with the first song “Lightheaded Anthem” this track is basically meant for the listener to get to know the group before they take you on a “Pure Thoughts journey”. In the first verse of the track we are introduced to Othello’s fast rapping style which I would translate, but I can’t because it’s to darn fast. Ohmega goes on to reveal some of the group’s history before Lightheaded even existed. This isn’t the first time Braille and Ohmega have collaborated, both emcees were together in Acts 28 and then went to be together in Return to Sender. The beat to the song is solid and fits well with their verses. The only thing that I don’t like about this song is the fact that for the last 1:27 the group continues to repeat the chorus which takes away some of the momentum the song started with. The very end of the song makes a smooth transition into the next song “P.T Cruise”.
The album is continues on with “Blink of an Eye”, from a lyrical prospective I love it. The Lightheaded members rap about things in life can in well…a blink of an eye. Braille’s verse is the most memorable because he raps important topics the world is facing today.Ohmega continues the song by rapping about how we should cherish one another now before they’re gone because we never know when our friends and family could pass away (not to be negative)
“Never Square” is definitely the party track on the album, while I’m sure most of you wouldn’t jam to this track if this album would’ve come out in about 2000 it would be a hit. The mix of the piano and the horn in the background should just make anyone listening to the song want to jump up and start jamming and dancing. An interesting part of the song is during the second verse when and this is only if you’re listening with headphones you get Othello in your left ear and Ohmega on the right which on a creative level makes the song that much better.
The title track of album “Pure Thoughts” has the most addicting chorus on the album. This may sound weird, but when I listen to the chorus I imagine a summer riding in a car with my friends and just blasting the music, having a good time. The beat is also evocative of hip hop’s past which is a good thing. From a lyrical point of view the track is solid and says that Pure Thoughts is a way of living and how this type of lifestyle isn’t exactly easy and we’re going to mess up, but when we mess up we should live to repentance. All of this is covered in Ohmega’s verse he finishes his verse by saying “my relations cannot be based upon man so I disconnect from the world view for Pure Thought” which is a strong sentence and is one many people should live their lives with a “Pure Thoughts” lifestyle.
My favorite song on the album is “Outro” and it’s the only track with guest rappers on it. Outro features (in order of appearance) Red Cloud, John Reuben, Sojourn (of LA Symphony), ManChild (of DeepSpace5 and Mars ILL) and Pigeon John (of LA Symphony and The Brainwash Projects). This track is a solid track lyrically each rapper gets eight bars, the Lightheaded members do their thing rapping about what they want to while the guests basically introduce themselves to you. I absolutely love the beat to the song it’s my favorite on the album. The cuts that are done to perfection along with the almost dreamy type beat.
“Pure Thoughts” is easily one of the best albums I’ve listened to and one of the best rap albums I’ve listened to for a long time. The production is amazing and these are beats and lyrics that I will be replaying in my head for years to come. You don’t have to like Christian Hip Hop to like this album mainstream hip hop fans should take a listen. This album is an instant classic if this album came out about a decade ago everyone would be listening to it. I’ve become Lightheaded listening to this album and you should too.


The beats are classic and will be replayed in your mind for years to come after listening to the album
While there is only one guest appearance track on the album it is downright amazing.
The album starts well and ends well.


Some of the lyrics while solid have nothing to do with the song.
At the end of songs on the album the chorus is repeated more than twice which can get annoying.

Rating: 4.5/5

-God Bless

~ by Michael Stover on July 8, 2008.

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