Ohmega Watts (The Find) The Best CD I’ve Heard

Ohmega Watts: The Find

After producing an instant classic album in Pure Thoughts and producing music for many other artists, Ohmega has come out with his own album: The Find. The album has already been considered by Rolling Stone one of the best albums no one has heard about. The album has sold out on sphereofhiphop.com, it’s the best selling album on the site ever. While Ohmega Watts is surrounded by two other emcees in Lightheaded can Ohmega Watts step out of the shadow and do well by himself? I have one word: Yes!

The Find is an interesting album before you even start listening to it, if you flip the CD cover you notice that there are a lot of guest appearances on this album, I mean a lot. Sometimes when there are too many guests on an album (cough…Timbaland) the listener really doesn’t know the rapper who created the solo album to begin with (this isn’t to say Timbaland’s Shock Value was bad). In Ohmega Watts’ case the 15 guests only enhance the album’s variety and just sheer awesomeness. Another interesting aspect of this album is the fact that this CD also has eight instrumentals showcasing Ohmega’s all-star production abilities. Even in tracks where he and the guests rap, the rapping ends early and you get instrumental to the end of the song. Usually I hate instrumentals but these are pleasant to ears and I’m not gonna lie make me wanna get up and dance.

As much as I would love to go over every song on the album it would not only take forever, but you the reader would get bored so I’ll give you the highlights of the album. The first collaboration on the album is “That Sound” which brings Lightheaded (Ohmega Watts, Braille and Othello) and The Procussions (Mr. J, Rez and Stro the 89th Key) together to make “That Sound” one for the ages. The track is entirely about making “That Sound” one that praises the Lord and sounds great. The production behind the song once shows how talented Ohmega Watts is behind the MPC. The rapping ends early just so the listener can soak in the beat.

The next and best song in my opinion is “Mind Power” from both a lyrical point of view and a production point of view. This is one of the three tracks where Ohmega Watts is by himself and in this track he covers a topic that most people have varying opinions about: Sex and Relationships. Ohmega tells a story about the a one night stand between two people after one dinner. He goes on to say how the women feels after “going all the way” he tells how the girl feels regret and wishes that she never let the guy “steal her golden seal”. The track in a way features Tiffany Simpson who helps with the chorus of the “Mind Power” and one line in the chorus struck me.

“Give people a piece of your gold and control over your emotion and soul”

Gold if you guys haven’t realized is a metaphor for virginity. Ohmega’s next two verses cover women who make mistakes dating bad men and men who date gold diggers. Both verses are very strong he doesn’t insult the men or the women who make the mistake of dating the morally bad person, nor does he insult the morally bad person. In turn both verses say open your eyes to the your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s inside and while this sounds cliché it makes a lot of sense. Here are the most important parts of the second and third verse.

Second Verse

“She met this guy who was the fly type dressed nice

Had respect and could treat a girl right

They started to date, but at times he’d lose class

Big shot types around friends, so he’d yell at her a**

Took her freedom away, treated her like a slave…

Asked her why the long face and with this she replied

She should’ve dated another man but wrote him off as a nice guy

She’s into bad boy types that take charge

The temperature got so hot that she fell for the mirage

I guess it’s hard to tell I know many in her place

Making fast decisions after one or two dates

I’m saying slow down huh…most men are interested in spreading your thighs”

Third Verse:

“Vise versa there are ladies who dare

Referred to as gold diggers living vanity fairs

Only with their man for their status and accounts’ balance…

He gives all for you but you could care less

Jewels, clothes, shoes as long as he doesn’t payless…

I don’t pretend to know it all but I know this

We bend rules most to grab what we should not touch”

My second favorite track on this album is another collaboration “The Treatment” features Braille (of Lightheaded), ManChild (of DeepSpace5 and Mars ILL) and Big Rec (of Mass Reality). Believe it or not Ohmega doesn’t have a verse in the track, but that doesn’t take anything away from the song Ohmega once again produces another ear pleasing track. The track for the most part covers how their sound is “The Treatment” to some (emphasis on SOME) mainstream hip hop. Big Rec’s verse brings emotion to the track he raps aggressively which to tell you the truth I have no idea why I mentioned this, but it seemed important to know.

The last vocal track on the album is “Long Ago” which features Ohmega’s Lightheaded partner Othello. “Long Ago” is about how hip hop was “Long Ago” and how their Hip Hop is going back to the roots of Hip Hop. The beat is even reminiscent of how hip hop was long ago. It’s not like the beginning of hip hop but the beat sounds like the 90’s so you should enjoy it

In the end The Find is the best Rap Album I’ve heard, both lyrically and sound wise. Like I said earlier it’s one of the best albums you’ve never heard of so go out and get. The nice blend of sounds and the thought-provoking lyrics make the listener want listen to this album over and over again. Every time I listen to the album I just appreciate more and more what Ohmega Watts does for production. In this review I didn’t cover all the songs, but I guarantee that the every song is solid gold (even the instrumentals). Go get this album and treat your ears to something they’ve been wanting for years on end.



Every single track on the album is gold (even the instrumentals)

The album showcases 15 other artists allowing new Christian Hip Hop listeners to get to know some other artists.

It’s one of the best produced albums I’ve ever heard.

You get more than what you paid for. For $13 you get 22 awesome tracks.



The instrumental tracks especially the Interludes should be longer none of them go over 30 seconds.

There should be more tracks of Ohmega Watts by himself


Rating: 5/5 (Don’t pass this up)

If You Can’t Buy the Album Download These Five Songs


Mind Power( http://www.mediafire.com/?1vyx0tcmeyz here’s the song for free )

The Treatment feat. ManChild, Braille and Big Rec

Stay Tuned feat. Sojourn

Floor Rock

You Are Now Tuned In feat. Adam L

-God Bless


~ by Michael Stover on July 9, 2008.

One Response to “Ohmega Watts (The Find) The Best CD I’ve Heard”

  1. Word, fresh album. One of my personal favorites too!

    peace and God bless.


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