Introducing DeepSpace5 by BigSto

The super group DeepSpace5 has believe it or not made a good name for themselves in the Underground Hip Hop Group World. With an instant classic release in A Night We Called It A Day DeepSpace5 is a group made of seven emcees and three producers the emcees being Freddie Bruno, The Listener, Sivion, SevStatik (aka Stu Dent), SintaxtheTerrific, Playdough, ManChild and emcee retiree Illtripp (an affiliate not really a mainstay in the group). From the producers you have DJ Dust, DJ Manwell and Beat Rabbi. You put all these super talents together and you get DeepSpace5 and I’m going introduce every member with detail on other groups they’re in, the albums they’ve released as a solo artist and their “rap style”.

Freddie Bruno


Other Groups Fred B. is a part of: Phonetic Compostion

Solo Releases: The Ballpoint Composer; Hold Music

Song You Must Download by Fred B.: Earl Grey feat. Sivion (The Ballpoint Composer)

Freddie Bruno is first heard on Unique Just Like Everyone Else which was when he was accepted into the group with Sivion. Freddie Bruno has what I like to call an aggressive rap style, meaning that you can hear the emotion in his voice when he raps. It’s not like an angry vibe, but you can hear the emotion. Fred B. doesn’t do bad by himself, but he doesn’t do amazing by himself either so if you come across a Fred B. solo album pick it up you just might like.

The Listener


Other Groups The Listener is a part of: Ozark Empire

Solo Releases: Whispermoon; (there is one other album who’s name escapes)

Song You Must Download by The Listener: The Train Song (Whispermoon)

The Listener has been with DeepSpace5 since the beginning and he is my favorite member in the group. Every single track The Listener is on he destroys every verse he raps on (in other words he’s a line buster). He verses are metaphorical and are extremely creative, for example in the song “Stick This In Your Ear” Listener does his verse literally saying the punctuation that should be placed in his verse. Listener has one weakness though: his solo albums aren’t great. Whispermoon while it isn’t a bad album it’s not a memorable album like some of the other solo products the DeepSpace5 members have released. In summary Listener has amazing verses, but being solo I’d say pass.



Other Groups Sivion is part of: Phat K.A.T.S

Solo Releases: Mood Enhancement; The Spring of Songbird

Song You Must Download by Sivion: I Still Love H.E.R (The Spring of the Songbird)

As stated before Sivion came to DeepSpace5 along with Freddie Bruno. It is obvious that Sivion loves the Lord with a passion his lyrics show his love for the Lord. Sivion’s solo projects aren’t bad either his first album Mood Enhancement and his second album The Spring of the Songbird were both solid solo releases. He’s also in the group Phat K.A.T.S with his twin brother while I haven’t listened to the only album they have out I am interested in listening to it.

SevStatik aka Stu DentOther Groups SevStatik is part of: The Tunnel Rats

Solo Releases: Speak Life; Slow Burn; Act of God; Back to Dust

Song You Must Download by SevStatik: Altitude (Back to Dust)

SevStatik is another DeepSpace5 member who has been in the group since the beginning. SevStatik’s verses basically analyze the world and our country and doesn’t separate himself from the world he doesn’t blame everyone else for the problems the world he blames everyone including himself. From a solo album stand point I think he’s the best out of all the DeepSpace5 members. The other thing about SevStatik is his other persona Stu Dent who releases separate albums than his counterpart.



Other Groups Sintax is part of: JustMe and SintaxtheTerrific

Solo Releases: Simple Moves; Curb Appeal

Song You Must Download by Sintax: Ad Infinitum feat. Freddie Bruno (Simple Moves)

Sintax another emcee that has been with DeepSpace5 since the beginning, Sintax is an all-round emcee who raps about everything from Harry Potter (in a cool way) to the way he walks in his believes in. Sintax realizes he isn’t the best rapper in the mainstream(in my opinion everyone DeepSpace5 doesn’t get the credit they deserve) mostly because he isn’t part of the mainstream. His solo projects are amazing and great to listen to and he gets you think a lot after listening to some of his music. What’s interesting about Sintax is the fact that he collaborates with the Scribbling Idiots quite a bit, which is cool (I don’t know I just thought I’d throw that in there).

PlaydoughOther Groups Playdough is part of: Phonetic Compostion; Ill Harmonics

Solo Releases: ?

Song You Must Download by Playdough: ?

I’m sorry readers I haven’t listened to any of Playdough’s solo records yet I want I just haven’t got around to it. Playdough also being a DeepSpace5 veteran Playdough’s verses are hard to explain, but when I listen to him I get a cocky vibe (not in a bad way but he acknowledges the fact that he’s a good rapper and he’s telling the truth). In Phonetic Compostion he’s downright amazing, the collaboration between him and Freddie Bruno is killer.



Other Groups ManChild is part of: Mars ILL

Solo Releases: Backbreak, ProPain, Raw Material

Song You Must Download by ManChild: My Life

ManChild another DeepSpace5 veteran is another one of my favorite emcees in the group he also has a very distinct voice not in an annoying way, but a cool way. Mars ILL is the group he’s part of but he’s the only person that raps on the tracks DJ Dust is the other member of Mars ILL and he produces the tracks. If you take a piece of ability from each of the other members of DeepSpace5 and put them together you ManChild. He can also be kind of funny in his tracks an example being “We Used to Live In An Apartment Together” off of Sintax’s Simple Moves album ManChild and Sintax talk about how the two of them used to live together I though it was hilarious.

A DeepSpace5 review of Unique Just Like Everyone Else will be coming soon in the meantime download “The Last One” by DeepSpace5 which will more thoroughly introduce the group. Click the link below it should take you to so you can download the track

~ by Michael Stover on July 17, 2008.

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