Nintendo why have you betrayed me, I have defended the Wii in the countless arguments regardless of some of the lame games in the Wii library. I defended you, Nintendo even though your online is worse than my cooking abilities (which is horrendous). While you released Super Smash Bros Brawl (after numerous delays), I can’t even play my friend who lives in the same city as I do. I can’t lie Nintendo I thought you’d be able to improve the Wii and give me something to look forward to in the future at the E3 press conference, but instead you slapped me in the face. Why Nintendo? Why?

At E3 Nintendo didn’t announce much and in fact Nintendo had the shortest press conference out of all the big three. Nintendo mentioned some new games, but not much has been announced for us hard-core games. I am excited about three things Animal Crossing: City Folk, WiiSpeak and Call of Duty: World at War. While each of these games obviously show potential for the Nintendo market where are the games that are supposed to get us Mario and Zelda fans into a frenzy? The only thing announced for the hardcore is the fact that the Mario and Zelda teams are officially back to together and hard at work.

The one thing Nintendo has failed to announce anything about and I’m losing hope that Nintendo will do anything to improve this, but Nintendo’s online play and connectivity is downright terrible. Nintendo has obviously turned the Wii into a family-friendly console, but does that mean the hard-core gamers have to suffer? If only Nintendo would take an Xbox Live approach to their online service imagine what it would be like to play Brawl with ranks and gamer tags and online tournaments. While we have Miis as avatars why can’t we use them online and why don’ the Miis have more accessories and customization options.

Nintendo it’s about time we got a game like Call of Duty for the Wii, but I’m a little reluctant to buy the game mostly because Nintendo’s online is terrible. Will I even be able to have a match of 32 players with the Wii version of Call of Duty? You have more hard-core gamers playing the Wii than you realize I wish you would do more to satisfy our gaming experience.

Animal Crossing: City Folk sounds like an amazing game and the WiiSpeak peripheral sounds great also, but will it actually work? This has happened before when Brawl’s online was announced and online gameplay videos were released the gameplay in the videos made Brawl’s online seem flawless and yet the minute I pick up and go online for Brawl it struggle mightily. If Animal Crossing: City Folk’s online and the WiiSpeak feature works I will go out and the buy the game.

Lastly my family probably will pick up Wii Sports: Resort just because our family loved the original Wii Sports so thank you for that. The DS is performing strong and it is because of hardcore games like the New Super Mario Bros, Mario Kart DS and Poke’mon Diamond and Pearl. Grand Theft Auto is a good start to continue producing hardcore games, but why aren’t there more hardcore games.

As I’m sure you can tell Nintendo I’m a little disappointed that after establishing such a good hardcore base you’ve turned your back on us to a certain point. I can’t lie Nintendo, I’ve almost given up on the Nintendo Wii and am considering trading it in for an Xbox 360 simply because it handles both hardcore and casual gamers with the same respect. Microsoft won’t release more games for the casual and less for the hardcore as you have done. Nintendo please release more games to the hardcore and fix the Wii so hardcore gamers can enjoy the Wii again. Nintendo I along with many other gamers have defended you even though you disrespect the core gamers to a certain extent.

Games I Wish You Would’ve Announced or Demoed or Something

Kid Icarus

Star Wars: Force Unleashed

Sonic Unleashed


~ by Michael Stover on July 17, 2008.

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