Theory Hazit Is A Man On Fire (Lord Fire produced by Vintage Review)

Theory Hazit has really been moving up in the past year, being a featured artist on many tracks for different emcees from Ohmega Watts to Surreal. Theory is also a very talented producer, producing for the Scribbling Idiots who also just released an extremely talented album. Theory also has a solo record that has also been receiving rave reviews. So what can Theory do now? How about do another solo record except this time team up with another talented producer in Vintage. What do you get when you mix Theory Hazit with Producer Vintage, enter Lord Fire.

This is yet another emcee and DJ collaboration, which is starting to become a common mainstay in Christian Hip Hop, (examples being Surreal and DJ Balance, Othello and DJ Manwell, SevStatik and DJ Dust, ManChild and DJ Dust) Theory Hazit and Vintage have also joined the bandwagon. The two succeeded just like the ones mentioned in parenthesis. Theory Hazit is a very interesting emcee and he’s one of the prime examples of a turnaround in Christian Hip Hop and he talks about it in his music. This is speculation, but I’m guessing Theory and Vintage met through Vintage’s partial production of The Scribbling Idiots The Have Nots album. Another interesting aspect of the album is the guests featured on Lord Fire which include: Playdough, Raphi (aka Big Shame), Sivion, Ohmega Watts and many others. So how does this hold up to other Christian Hip Hop albums?

Right off the bat you realize the album has an interesting sound, a mixture between old school and now. You can easily recognize and distinguish the difference between both. It’s only right that I tell you now, every single song on Lord Fire is awesome, the production and lyricism behind the album is genius, along with guest appearances from emcees in the four big hip hop groups (The Scribbling Idiots, Tunnel Rats, Lightheaded and DeepSpace5) just makes this album amazing.

The album snags you from the beginning taking your ears on a journey you will never forget, but the first memorable track (and my favorite track on the album) is early on in Lord Fire. “All Love” is the most heartfelt track on the album, which deals with one of Theory’s darkest parts of his journey to Christianity: his parents. While Theory doesn’t give details about what happened between him and his parents, he plays both sides of the field saying how both parties messed up, badly. Theory apologizes for all he has done and gives his parents credit for trying their best to raise him. What also takes this track to the next level is the addition of Elias to the track. He doesn’t rap on the track he’s a singer and in this song he handles the chorus. The beat is also superb with the high hat in the background and the deep bass line makes this song the best on the album.

Playdough who is part of DeepSpace5 is the next artist who gets a verse with Theory Hazit in the song “Soph Sissy” which is an entire track that takes a shot at the mainstream hip hop world. This song should be one of the anthems for Christian Hip Hop. While I love Theory Hazit as an artist, I believe Playdough’s verse outshines Theory’s (sorry Theory Hazit). Here’s a snippet.

“You’re so thugged out, so hood with your pedicure

Gun in your holster for your dinner date with Bennifer

Fools ain’t grimy, live large and tiny

8 by ten gloss he’s shiny

Polished and perfect,

But ain’t got no elbow grease…”

So as you can see the song pretty much dogs out the entire mainstream hip hop community and for that I say thank you Playdough.

“Nobody Say” is another track great-sounding track on Lord Fire. The track features Braille and Raphi (aka Big Shame) both add another dimension to this tune. Raphi and Theory Hazit rhyme on their long journey through Childhood to where they are now, Braille on the other hand raps about where he end up after his journey and how he’s enjoying life. What sets this song apart from the others is the beat. Vintage did an extremely good job producing this track, using the slight guitar riff along with keyboard to create the perfect example of old school and new school combined together.

In the end Lord Fire is an amazing example of Christian Hip Hop prowess, in other words Theory Hazit and Vintage should definitely get together again because it could only result in one thing: Awesomeness. While this album is extraordinary it has a couple flaws, first the sound, don’t worry there are no annoying beeps or scratches, but it’s not loud enough. It’s almost like while Theory rapped loud enough it seemed like Theory recorded the album then Vintage took what Theory gave him, made soft beats and turned down Theory’s voice. This is a slight shortcoming all this means is that you’re gonna have to turn up your MP3 players a little louder when listening to Lord Fire. Another slight problem is the language specifically the use of the N-Word. The word is mentioned in two songs “Jive Turkey” and “Simply Ill”, Theory doesn’t say it, two of the guests say it (one being Freddie Bruno the other I have no idea who it is). Even with this language the album is still a big step in the right direction and I really hope Theory and Vintage team up again for what would most likely be another amazing album



The mix of old school and new school beats mesh well together

The many guests on the album add another dimension to the album

All 17 songs are amazing and creative



The use of the N-Word is a big turnoff

The sound quality is kind of soft (but not too soft)


Rating: 4.5/5 (Get It, You’ll Love It)

If You Can’t Buy The Entire Album Download These Songs


All Love feat. Elias (here it is for free)

Soph Sissy feat. Playdough (here it is for free)

Nobody Say feat. Braille and Raphi




-God Bless


~ by Michael Stover on July 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “Theory Hazit Is A Man On Fire (Lord Fire produced by Vintage Review)”

  1. The only thing keep this from a 5/5 is the use of the N-Word. If you don’t get this album you are truly missing out.

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