Othello Is Not So Mellow (Elevator Music Review)

When I first listened to Lightheaded (Braille, Othello and Ohmega Watts) Othello was my favorite member, he has a unique voice plus he could be considered one of the fastest rappers known to man (with Twista being the fastest). Eventually I asked my cousin (around Christmas time) if I could borrow both of Othello’s albums, his first one Elevator Music and his second one Alive at the Assembly. I listened to Elevator Music for the first time and I was decently pleased, but I decided to listen to it again this morning so I could write this review.

Othello comes out the gate with the track “Rock, Rock” which sounds ok, the track had a lot of potential, but it was missing that new school element. Now the people that have read my review on Theory Hazit and Vintage’s Lord Fire know that I don’t mind old school sound as long as the artist mixes some new school with it. Othello doesn’t do this, but the song is still a good track and is definitely a track to play at parties. If this song was played in the 80’s it would probably be a smash hit (I‘m not dissing the song), but now it needs just a something to push this track to the top.

This brings us to my favorite track on the album “Heart” which brings an interesting sound that I’ve never heard while listening to Christian Hip Hop. The slightly jaded piano beat brings the song to a level that hip hop fans would like. The song covers his influence on hip hop (referenced to as the “Art”), Othello says how when he makes music he puts his heart into the album and tracks. Destro (I’ve never heard of him before) makes a guest appearance and doesn’t bring the track down nor does he really uplift the track very much. Still it is my favorite track on the album and you can download the track for free at the end of this bottom of this post.

Elevator Music shows signs of potential in tracks like “Organic”, “How Ya Livin” and “Goodwill Chopping”. “Organic being my favorite out of the trio of tracks just listed, Organic has a very mesmerizing beat that is attractive to the ears. The beat has a more of an R&B type beat to it, but Othello makes it work in this case. Lyrically the song is decent, it’s one of the songs where his Christianity is evident and shines through in this song.

“Goodwill Chopping” is a the song that best showcases Othello’s talent and specifically features Othello’s extremely fast rapping ability. Othello’s special guest on this song is Red Cloud who also almost matches Othello’s superb rapping speed. Tell you the truth though I can’t tell whether the song is about mainstream hip hop, or God’s will for our life versus our will or both. The song has an unexplainable beat, but it meshes with the song pretty well.

Othello is a very talented emcee, but Elevator Music doesn’t cover the surface of his talent unfortunately. A lot of the songs not covered in this song has literally elevator type music, which last time I checked this was supposed to be a hip hop album. Now I can’t lie some of the tracks containing elevator music are good because of the hip hop incorporated into the song. The album also contains instrumentals of only elevator music, the last track on the album “No Mic For Thai” starts with the elevator music contained in the track “Lobby” the only difference between the two tracks is that “No Mic For Thai” is longer and eventually a jazz band comes in and plays (imagine the jazz band that plays on Jay Leno). Lyrically the album struggles it’s hard to pinpoint the idea Othello is trying to convey to the listener. Plus the guests that are present tend to outshine Othello to a certain extent not big, but noticeable. The album isn’t terrible, but it’s not good either wouldn’t pick up the album simply download the singles below on iTunes or something like that.



The elevator music beats for some tracks shows creative juices

The album introduces some emcees that people might not know of (Red Cloud, Sirens Echo, Deep6 etc.)


The album sounds more like an R&B album with rap in it.

Lyrically the album is lacking and it’s hard to cipher out what Othello’s message is.

The elevator music instrumentals are pointless and kind of annoying.


Rating: 3/5 (Download the singles you like because
 you won’t like the entire album)

If You Can’t Buy The Entire Album Download These Songs


Heart feat. Destro

Rock Rock


How Ya Livin feat. Deep6 and MalachI Perez

Goodwill Chopping feat. Red Cloud

~ by Michael Stover on July 25, 2008.

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