Sev Statik Is Going Back To Dust

Anybody that knows about Christian Hip Hop should know about Sev Statik and if you don’t then keep reading because your missing out on a very talented emcee. Sev is part of two of the biggest Christian Hip Hop groups in this generation: DeepSpace5 and The Tunnel Rats. Along with being part of these two groups his solo career is nothing short of amazing. Sev Statik has released two albums prior to Back to Dust: Slow Burn and Speak Life both of which are must buys (oh and for those of you who don’t know Sev Statik’s alias is Stu Dent. Under that alias Stu Dent has released Act Of God). Now Sev Statik does the same thing other Christian Hip Hop artists are doing: teaming up with a fellow producer and making an album (Theory Hazit and Vintage’s Lord Fire being the latest example). Will Sev and DJ Dust compare to other emcee and DJ collaborations.

This isn’t the first encounter of Sev Statik and DJ Dust, both guys have been in DeepSpace5 for a long time. Dust also produces for the group Mars ILL (which is ManChild and DJ Dust). I mention this because the sound of Mars ILL and Back to Dust are completely different (which isn’t a bad thing). Mars ILL sounds more like DeepSpace5 while Back to Dust has its own unique sound.

My favorite aspect about Sev Statik is that he takes the world and puts it under a microscope and analyzes it from a religious standpoint. Sev Statik does this exactly in two of my favorite tracks “Altitude” and “Steamroller”. Here’s some of the lyrics of the first track “Altitude”:

“We at war with ourselves, we die to gain wealth

Ain’t no more ignoring that you and I need help

We got video games that bring our kids to Iraq

Supper time comes around they can always fly back

We got a diet of fast food…

We all should be looking at ourselves right now

Cause you and I are to blame for the way things went down”

So as you can see Sev’s lyrics are powerful and are made to make you think. Production wise I love it mostly because I’m a sucker for beats that involve the piano. “Altitude” is the first song on the album and is my favorite track on the album.

The good thing about Back to Dust is Sev Statik brings many guests with him to perform on the album: Elias, Triune, Cas Metah, Griffin are just some of the guests featured on the album. “Walk Alone” is a track that features Sev’s DeepSpace5 guys Playdough and ManChild. The concept of the track is simple none of us ever walk alone because God is with us at all times and during all circumstances.

What brings a lot of Christian Hip Hop artists together is their rough journey through Christianity and even now most of the artists are still on the grind. In the song “Daybreak” Sev talks about his journey through Christianity and even says he started off believing in a totally different religion. Sev proceeds to talk about how other people deal with religion and asks a though-provoking question that stands out. Now if you answer this question in a certain way you need to think about your beliefs.

“But if Jesus wasn’t painted white would you still serve him?”

Sev Statik and DJ Dust combine to make an extremely lethal combination and it shows in Back to Dust. On a lyrical level Sev Statik is one of the best in Christian Hip Hop, combine that with a talented producer in DJ Dust you get an album to be proud of. Is there a chance that Sev and Dust could team up again? We’ll soon find out!




Many guest appearances (Elias, Raphi, Lady Dubb, Cas Metah, Theory Hazit and others)

Thought-provoking lyrics with Raw beats equals great!




There aren’t enough genuine hip hop beats

3 great tracks the rest are good

Rating: 4/5 (Get It, You’ll Like It)


If You Can’t Buy The Entire Album Download These Songs



Altitude (download it for free).


You May Be Right feat. Raphi and Theory Hazit (download for free)

Back to Dust

Walk Alone feat. Playdough and ManChild

~ by Michael Stover on July 28, 2008.

One Response to “Sev Statik Is Going Back To Dust”

  1. word up, this record is fresh. it’s available digitally on Itunes and also on CD through Hiphop IS Music (limited digipak). You can get a CD at, and a few other spots.

    One of my favorite songs is “Far Cry”. –
    peace and GOD bless

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