The Blooming Sounds of Sharlok Poems (Blooming Sounds Review)

Sharlok Poems is an experienced veteran in the Christian Hip Hop world. Poems is part of LA Symphony a group that many people like, but I haven’t had the pleasure to listen to. I do know that Poems has released other solo records, but I can’t lie when I got Blooming Sounds from my cousin I wasn’t expecting much, but in the end I was pleasantly surprised.

I noticed two things after taking a look at the track listing of Blooming Sounds, first the album has so many producers, Stro the 89th Key and Mr. J of the Procussions, Vintage (who produced Lord Fire), Choice37, Ohmega Watts and M.Phazes are the producers on the album. The second thing I noticed is that the album contains only one guest appearance track and if you’ve been reading my past reviews then you know I’m a big fan of guest appearances.

The production on this entire album is solid, but it really shines on the track “Heart Art” which was produced by Mr. J. The track has deep bass lines and proves that Mr. J is a talented producer (not exactly Top 3, but still good). Lyrically this track is talented, Sharlok raps about how much he loves the art of hip hop and thanks God for giving him the ability to rap. He also raps about how hard he’s worked to get to where he is today. This track also contains one of my favorite lines on the album:

“With the force of a hammer and the hand of Thor, I slam my fist to the ground and shake the planet’s core”


While the quote above isn’t really meaningful, but I think it rocks. It’s my favorite song on Blooming Sounds and anyone that listens to it should get the urge to jump up and rap with Sharlok (or maybe that’s just me) because the track is so energetic. It’s the perfect song to play at a dance because everyone will be jumping up and down during the song I guarantee it.

The song with the strongest message is “Forgive Me”, you just feel the emotion in the beat, an emotion of sadness and even the lyrics are sad also. Sharlok basically says forgive those who hurt no matter how bad and ask forgiveness to those you have hurt no matter how bad. Sharlok covers the track with a story of a person who was raped along with a family whose son was killed in war. Sharlok continues on to say don’t blame what happened on someone, simply forgive that person and move on, holding a grudge doesn’t help at all.

Towards the end of the album Sharlok puts a love song in the mix. “Made 4 Me” is obviously about his idea of a perfect girl and how God is the one that sends us the perfect girl. The beat is great, it has that awesome spacey feel to it with the high hat in the background which will pleasant for your ears to hear. This track has been rotating on my MP3 Player since I’ve received Blooming Sounds.

Blooming Sounds easily passed my expectations (maybe my expectations are low. NAH!) gave Blooming Sounds a 3.5/5 which in my opinion doesn’t give the album justice. It’s not an instant classic, but it’s an above average album that is definitely one worth picking up. Not just because of the amazing production, but Sharlok’s lyrics are decent too. The only things keeping this album away from an instant classic is the lack of guest appearances and sometimes Sharlok’s lyrics can be a little lackluster (on an excitement level). His voice is pretty monotone and he doesn’t really show emotion while rapping except in the song “Forgive Me” where his tone is sad. Other than that Sharlok Poems has a solid album on this hands and I suggest you guys pick this up.



Wide variety of producers= wide variety of “Blooming Sounds” (get the pun HA!)

All the tracks are solid



Some of the tracks are lacking lyrically

ONE GUEST APPEARANCE TRACK (We Got It feat. Theory Hazit, Sojourn, Sivion produced by Ohmega Watts)

Rating: 4/5 (Get It, You’ll Like It)

If You Can’t Buy The Entire Album Download These Songs


Heart Art produced by Mr. J (download for free)

Blooming Sounds

Forgive Me (download for free)

Made 4 Me

See It

~ by Michael Stover on July 28, 2008.

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