Eat The Poison Mushroom And You Will Get Gaming News (Poison-Mushroom Podcast Review)

What happens when you get 5 guys (the creator of the no-weapons Gabotron, A Mexican, a Poke’mon fanatic, the married one and a guy who’s name has an “s” at the end even though it shouldn’t) some beer and awesome video games? You get the Poison Mushroom Podcast these five guys from South Beach, California are all hard-core gamers that will give you the gaming news you need to you know with a comedic edge. Your hosts are The King of Mars, Gabe, Gabo, Crispy and Marcos and each brings their own comedy into the podcast.

The cast covers the gaming news and it’s not just stuff you see on IGN, but rumors that are not on the high-profiling gaming sites. The podcast is so good that they’ve created a phenomenon that is sweeping the nation and it’s only one word: EDIT. They go over gaming news, release dates and listener questions (and they go through all the reader questions) while their fan base has reached over 60 members they should have more the podcast is just that good.

I stumbled upon this podcast trying to look for a podcast that would keep me informed of Super Smash Bros Brawl news. The first podcast I tried to listen to was the GoNintendo Podcast and to tell you the truth I really didn’t like it after listening to an episode. Then I go to (the original site for the Poison-Mushroom Podcast) download their podcast and automatically fell in love with the podcast (not to sound weird). The group covers news so well and the five guys are so funny I kind of wish they would be newscasters for CNN or something so they could make watching the news more fun (but I guess the Colbert Report is for that).

The five guys mesh together so well and they are willing to talk about anything from Adam Sessler to Dana Plato, from “bending the matrix” to secret arcades that used to exist in Florida. Another great part of the podcast is the fact that the hosts love to interact with the listeners they make posts on the forums, release videos from the internet to make listeners laugh. The podcast crew also hosted a Brawl tournament (that I unfortunately wasn’t a part of) with real game prizes so the crew gets involved with the community which is just another plus and another reason to listen to the podcast.

If you’re looking for a podcast that keeps you in the loop of all the gaming news, with a comedic edge to it the Poison-Mushroom Podcast is the perfect podcast. I’ve listened to quite a few podcasts, but the Poison-Mushroom podcast is easily the best out of the ones I’ve listened to (GoNintendo Podcast, Show Me Your News and Poison Mushroom). So go download the podcast and join a community of people that love gaming. Oh and one last thing EDIT!!!



Five Guys + Beer + Video Game News + Funny = Awesome

The hosts get involved with their listeners

They give me hope that when I’m 30 I’ll still be playing video games

They teach you that “bending the matrix” isn’t always a good thing



They do the podcast on Thursday but it’s usually not up till Sunday or Monday so unless you tune into it live you will have to wait.






Rating: 5/5 (Don’t Pass This Up, You’ll Regret It, INSTANT CLASSIC)



Poison-Mushroom Podcast Site

~ by Michael Stover on August 10, 2008.

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