The Scribbling Idiots Are The Idiomatic Have Nots (Idiomatic Mixtape I and The Have Nots

Theory Hazit may be accomplishing a lot as a solo artist, but before all of his solo success began he started off in a group (and is still in the group) called the Scribbling Idiots. The Scribbling Idiots are composed of the original five members Theory Hazit, JustMe, Cas Metah, Wonder Brown and Mouf Warren (my favorite member) along with their affiliates Ruffian, Caboose, Elias and Motion Plus. They also have three producers Reflex the Architect, MattMan and sometimes Theory Hazit will produce some of the music. Theory is the only well-known producer out of the three producers, but the Scribbling Idiots still manage to have a spectacular sound, this leaves me a stalemate at which group I like more (DeepSpace5, Tunnel Rats, Lightheaded or Scribbling Idiots). The Scribbling Idiots released a FREE MIXTAPE in 2005 called Idiomatic Mixtape Volume I which introduces the entire group to you for free.

The Mixtape contains nine new tracks along with six freestyles (by Theory Hazit, Wonder Brown, Cas Metah, Ruffian, Mouf Warren and JustMe) while that doesn’t sound great it’s a Mixtape plus it’s free. My cousin told me about the Scribbling Idiots and the reason I got the Mixtape was because I had heard Theory Hazit and had to listen to his group and I was pleasantly pleased with this Mixtape. Another unique aspect to the Mixtape is that there are cameo appearances (not guest appearances) where other artists basically say how awesome the Mixtape is. SevStatik, ADM and Deacon the Villain are only some of the artists promoting this Mixtape.

“Driven” is the first track on the Mixtape after ADM introduces the entire Mixtape, the entire Scribbling Idiots crew freestyles to a beat that is a mix of old school and new school beats. The beat is my favorite on the entire Mixtape. “Seem” is a track further down the line and has a poetry club type beat to it with a bass (the orchestra kind not like hip hop bass line). “Seem” covers the evident part of life we know as “change”, some people believe change is irrelevant while others believe change is good. Either way things are going to change in all our lives and the only thing we can do is embrace it. My favorite track on this Mixtape is “Construction” which features Mouf Warren and Cas Metah and while I can’t really pinpoint what the song is about the beat is simply addicting it has a hip hop church feel to it, but it’s real good plus Mouf Warren is on the track which is all the more reason to listen to the track.

Overall this Mixtape is great, it only offers nine brand new tracks, but the album is free so why complain. The freestyle tracks are also a very creative way for the listener to get to know the artists in the Scribbling Idiots. You can download the entire Mixtape below I added a bonus track by the original Scribbling Idiots which used to be only two guys (JustMe and Cas Metah) the track is called Curse or A Cure.



It’s Free

The Mixtape is the perfect way to introduce the listener to the Scribbling Idiots

The freestyles are very creative

Superb Production



Only nine brand new tracks

Rating: 4/5 (Get It, You’ll Like It)


The Have Nots is the Scribbling Idiots first full-length feature album and let me tell you I came in with good expectations and left wanting more Scribbling Idiots albums. What makes this album interesting is the fact that so many producers helped with this album. From group members Theory Hazit and JustMe to the guest producers Kno, Deacon the Villain and Vintage. Each of these producers put their own spin to their song while still keeping the Scribbling Idiots sound. The album also features real guest appearances from LMNO and Masta Ace. The Scribbling Idiots showcase their skills with 15 amazing tracks.

The Scribbling Idiots do something that many emcees are doing these days and that’s giving the listener a look into their lives before rapping and before giving their lives to God. A good example of this is Start Livin where three of the emcees tell of how they went through a lot to get where they are today. Stories of crazy girls, an almost shooting during a party, friends who have kids and divorced parents. Each emcee tells how after these situations they eventually went on to turn to God and they say once you turn to God you officially “Start Livin”. The beat is good though for some reason the Scribbling Idiots love putting a chipmunkesque voice and it’s in this song too, in the chorus. But that takes nothing away from the overall message of the track.

“More Than Crew” is another good track and has a solid beat (mostly because of the piano in the beat) the idea behind the track is simple, The Scribbling Idiots are brothers for life and nothing can change that. The emcees cover different situations the group has gone through together from touring to freestyling in the car and moving from apartment complex to apartment complex while on tour. This track just shows how strong of a bond friendship can really be, a simple friendship can turn into straight brotherhood as it does with the Scribbling Idiots.

Production is amazing behind this album and that production truly shines in two songs “Publicity Stunt Doubles” and “Moonlighting”. “Publicity Stunt Doubles” actually starts off as though the group is at a club about to a show with the host giving the excuse that Nas never showed up there for the Scribbling Idiots had to fill in. The beat has a deep bass line and lyrics that will just blow you away plus the guest appearance by LMNO just makes the track that much better. The track basically pokes fun at the mainstream hip hop world and how some mainstream emcees will say how they’ve been in gang battles and things of the like, well the Scribbling Idiots believe that’s a load of BS. The Scribbling Idiots say that so much of the youth listens to mainstream hip hop that the emcees of the mainstream should be setting a better example for the youth (and to tell you the truth they’re right). “Moonlighting” is my favorite track on the album, the sound makes you think of nighttime in your neighborhood (not like nightclubbing but you know peaceful nighttime…). The song at least in my opinion doesn’t cover anything specific but it does have one of my favorite verses in it. I’d type it but I’m kind of running out of space so sorry, but I’ll put the download for the song at the bottom.

If this is what the Scribbling Idiots has to offer for the next decade or so than I can’t wait for their next release because they are an extremely talented group (in other words the sky is the limit for them). Now each of the emcees in the Scribbling Idiots has at least one solo record out (except Mouf Warren he doesn’t have one out yet and from what I know he’s not working on one either GET ON IT MOUF!) and I’ve only listened to releases from Theory Hazit (Extra Credit and Lord Fire the 2nd best album I’ve heard) and JustMe (One Man’s Trash go get that it’s amazing). The Have Nots is a classic that will not be forgotten a decade from this date so stop reading this review and go buy it already! I’m including a download of a song that was never released on an album by the Scribbling Idiots the song is called Through the Clouds download it here.



All the group members mesh well together

Some of the tracks teach meaningful life lessons

The many hands of production did nothing to change the sound of the Scribbling Idiots



There’s Nothing Bad about this album


Rating: 5/5 (Don’t Pass This Up Or You’ll Regret It, INSTANT CLASSIC)

If You Can’t Buy The Entire Album Download These Songs


1. Moonlighting produced by Theory Hazit

2. Publicity Stunt Doubles featuring LMNO

3. Eseye

4. Almost Famous produced by Vintage

5. More Than Crew

~ by Michael Stover on August 10, 2008.

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