Go Back To School With Stu Dent (Nephilim:Act of God I)

Before Back to Dust released in 2007 Sev Statik’s alter ego Stu Dent released Nephilim: Act of God Part I. The Act of God is meant to be a three part series with Part II coming soon (Act I came out in 2002). Stu Dent doesn’t stray away from Sev Statik’s rhyming style in fact the two of them are one in the same. Stu Dent analyzes both the world we live in and the state of hip hop as it is today. Can Stu Dent produce the same caliber of music as his alter ego Sev Statik or does he fall short?

Act of God Part I brings unique sounds from different producers including Freddie Bruno (DeepSpace5) and MattMan (The Scribbling Idiots). Stu Dent also brings one of my favorite parts of all albums: guest appearances, while there are only three they from big name groups which include Relic (Tunnel Rats), EVS and JustMe (The Scribbling Idiots). Lyrically Stu Dent does everything Sev Statik does except he does it more often. Stu Dent starts Act of God: Part I starts with the eerie track “The Longest Night”.

This track basically covers what it’s like to be in the ghetto when fights break out and what could happen. The beat consists of a deep bass line and almost a gleaming type sound along with the bass line. The chorus stands out the most in this song (that’s not saying the verses are bad):

“After the rain, after the shame

The highs and the lows of disaster and pain

The wrong and the night, the thrill of a fight

We’ll see what you have at the end of the night”

Most Christian Hip Hop albums contain at least one song about how the mainstream hip hop world for the most part is corrupt. Stu Dent’s “Outlast” track is that song. Stu Dent’s message simple: Mainstream doesn’t stress moral values (and in some ways provoke immoral behavior), but in the end it’s the Christian Hip Hop artists that will succeed. Stu Dent believes the mainstream rap world is led by one thing and one thing only $$$ (the big money).

My favorite track on the album shows Stu Dent’s talent lyrically and whoever produced it did an amazing job making a beat that will be sticking with you for a long time. The song “Invisibullet” covers something we all go through and that’s instant pain. The chorus is once again the strength and the “meat” of the song.


“We get hit with strays, in different ways

It’s instant pain and it makes no sense

It comes when you least expect it

Life changes, no protection guaranteed today”

The metaphor of a bullet resembling instant pain is perfect for the idea Stu Dent is trying to convey and further proves the lyricism Stu Dent has been blessed with. As I stated earlier this is the best produced song on the album. Anyone that knows me knows I love beats involving the piano and “Invisibullet” does just that.

Stu Dent’s debut of the Act of God series was a hit, one that should definitely be picked up. Part II should be released either this year or next year so stay tuned for that.



Easily one of Sev Statik’s (Stu Dent’s) best albums lyrically that I’ve heard

Some of the beats are truly unique

Good guests (EVS, JustMe and Relic)



Some of the beats are hit or miss

No DeepSpace5



Rating: 4.5/5 (So Close To A Classic, You Better Pick It Up)

If You Can’t Buy The Album, Download These Songs



The Longest Night

Portable Eclipse

That’s It

Splashed Ashore



~ by Michael Stover on August 25, 2008.

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