Feeling Down Take Sivion’s Mood Enhancement

Another week, another review from a DeepSpace5 member, this time it’s Sivion’s turn to show what he can do by himself. Sivion at least in my eyes is the emcee who shows his love for the Lord the most in the Christian Hip Hop (Illtripp being close behind) and Sivion showcases it in his debut album Mood Enhancement. Sivion also allows the listener to realize that he has many more talents then just being able to be an emcee, he also can sing pretty well and he plays the saxophone with an out of this world talent. Allow Sivion to take you on a road to the most high God with his debut album Mood Enhancement.

Sivion gives you 19 tracks of his talent, but also brings a slight nuisance to the album also. At the end of most of the songs on the album Sivion interviews someone (I’m guessing a family member or a friend) asking them what makes them happy. While some people give decent answers (hanging with friends, family listening to some dope music), exactly what is the point of these interviews. I guess this goes with the whole “Mood Enhancement” title, but I thought the music was the “Mood Enhancement” Sivion was offering.

While these interviews contain guests so do the tracks themselves you get most of the DeepSpace5 members on the “Down But Never Out”. “Down But Never Out” is one of my favorite tracks on the album, SevStatik, Listener, Illtripp, ManChild and Sintax give their talents on this song. This is one of the best songs to listen to when you’re in a tough situation or you feel like giving up. The subject of the song is pretty self-explanatory we go through life and of course we’re going to fall and stumble sometimes, but as long as you have God on your side, he will make sure you get back up on your feet and get you back on the right path. Here’s part of my favorite verse in this song which is by Illtripp:

“Broken and bruised you’ve been punched in the face

Do you rely on yourself or rely on your faith?
I’ve been at top only to be dropped by doubt.

I’ve been in the cellar when I found this out

It’s by the goodness of God that down but never out”

Most of the people reading this know me as BigSto, but my peers at school know me as Michael Stover, but regardless of what you call me I’m still going to keep writing reviews and spreading The Word. This is the topic of Sivion’s track called “The Name Game”, except instead of using me as an example he uses himself and Jesus Christ. Regardless of whether you call him Jesus Christ, The Messiah or the Most High, Jesus sacrificed himself for us he’s the one that allows us to grow as his servants, he’s also the one that loves us more than even our parents do. While Sivion makes this song great he downgrades the song to good at the end when he repeats the chorus six times at the end of the song and then we get one of our “beloved” (that’s sarcasm) interviews on what makes some guy happy.

As I stated earlier in my review this album contains a whole bunch of guest appearances and one of the best tracks on the album contains the members of PC (Phonetic Compostion the members are Playdough and Freddie Bruno) and Sivion’s twin brother. The track is called “Let Me” and the chorus says it all:

“Let Me show what the living God can do (let me)

Let Me show what he does through you”:

The track explains how God works through us to get his work done, adding Fred B. Playdough and his twin brother Sivion adds another dimension to an already good sounding track. The beat is addicting and the listener can’t help, but sing when the chorus comes (or maybe that’s just me).

Sivion’s debut album has good sounding music, but it also some things that didn’t need to be inside the album. Production is solid, but it’s nothing to get over excited for. Lyrically Sivion is talented and he’s an emcee that speaks his love for the Lord on just about every track. Also Sivion brings guests in to give that extra energy the album needed you get guests like the DeepSpace5 crew, Keynote, Heather Randall, the PC crew and even his son Anderson gets his own track on the album. In turn Sivion made a strong case that he’s an emcee we should be watching for a while with his debut album Mood Enhancement.



The praise Sivion gives to the Lord in his rhymes.

All DeepSpace5 members are accounted for on this album.

Some of the beats will stay in your head for a long time.

Sivion’s talents of being a singer and a saxophone player is shown.



What is up with those stupid interviews?

Sivion repeats the chorus in his songs too much

I’d love to listen to some of his guests music IF I KNEW WHO THEY WERE!!!


Rating: 4/5 (Get It You’ll Like It)

If You Can’t Download The Album Get These Songs


Let Me feat. PC and Wusso Click to Download

Side Rhodes produced by Fred B.

Down But Never Out feat. SevStatik, Illtripp, Listener, ManChild and Sintax Click Here to Download

The Name Game

What Is It?

~ by Michael Stover on September 6, 2008.

One Response to “Feeling Down Take Sivion’s Mood Enhancement”

  1. Here’s another new artist to check out…Tre’ the III…He’s keeping it real for god, got a sound all his own. New CD, “On the III” dropping spring ’09. Aaight?!!!

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