Wake Up With Wonder Brown

Wonder Brown comes from the Scribbling Idiots who if you haven’t listened to them yet you need to get on it. Anyway I accidentally stumbled upon Wonder Brown’s free EP while on sphereofhiphop.com and when I downloaded The Wake and I was introduced to a solo act that was simply stunning. After I finally memorized the names of the Scribbling Idiots members along with their voices I decided to analyze each of the members rhyme styles, Wonder Brown’s rhyme style intrigued me. The Wake might as well be called Wonder Brown’s Showcase or The Life and Times of Wonder Brown. Wonder Brown does an amazing job showing the listener his strength in writing lyrics, storytelling and his tough life before rapping.

Wonder Brown as stated earlier does a great job using storytelling in his album specifically in songs “You Don’t Want Those Dreams” and “Just Jack and Jill”. Whether these stories are true or not is only known by Wonder Brown, but he has lived through events like these depicted in these tracks. Which brings me to the point that Wonder Brown reminds me a lot of Theory Hazit at least in the fact that both grew up in low-class neighborhoods and witnessed events that some of us won’t witness in our lifetime. Wonder Brown allows the listener to take a step into his world and know (at least to a certain extent) what it felt like to be living in the ghetto and struggling just to stay alive.

My favorite part of The Wake and Wonder Brown’s overall talent is the moral aspect of his songs and rhymes. “Namesake” and “Payback” are the two best tracks on the album and in turn teach valuable life lessons also. “Payback” teaches a simple lesson of you’ll get what you give out. Brown also speaks of how everything you own in your life doesn’t matter unless you believe that Jesus Christ died for your sins. He mentions that Jesus Christ is the big “payback” for what he did for all of us. “Namesake” is also an amazing track lyrically basically it’s the Wonder Brown version of Theory Hazit’s “All Love” off of Theory’s Lord Fire produced by Vintage. He dedicates verses to his father, step-father and other family members. Brown and is family did seem to have troubles, but Brown’s Christianity shines because he says that while he and the family had troubles he still LOVES THEM and that’s very important and shows maturity.

This review is kind of short because the album is short. That’s not a bad thing because the entire album is free, you can download it on sphereofhiphop.com or at the link below. The album proves that Wonder Brown is an amazing talent lyrically, he’s a very straight forward emcee and should have people anticipated his first full solo album which is rumored to be coming soon. The production of this album isn’t amazing, but “Legends of Sleepy Hollow” is the best produced track on the album. So if you like Scribbling Idiots and want to know more about the emcees that are part of the group go pick up the FREE album by Wonder Brown The Wake.

Click to Download The Entire Album For Free



It’s Free

Contains a very talented lyricist

Good Storytelling and Moral Lessons



Short (only 9 songs which is offset by the fact that it’s free)

No Guest Appearances (also offset by the fact that the listener is supposed to be getting to know Wonder Brown the emcee)


Rating: 4/5 (Get It, You’ll Like It)



Lyrics: 5/5

~ by Michael Stover on September 6, 2008.

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