Christian Hip Hop Podcast Episode #12: The Night I Called It A Day

Episode 12 is a special podcast dedicated to the first album of DeepSpace5 “The Night We Called It A Day” with some other awesome music thrown in from Fred B, Mr. J, Theory Hazit and others.

The Collection Intro (DeepSpace5)*

The Night We Called It A Day (DeepSpace5)

God Said It (Peace 586 feat. Mass Reality)

Coat of Arms (Freddie Bruno)

Killin’ It (The Scribbling Idiots* feat. Big Rec and Other Various Artists)

Elementary (DeepSpace5)

Pigeon John FreeStyle (Brainwash Projects)*

Take the Rhythm (DeepSpace5)

Silent Earth (Mr. J of the Procussions)

Angle of Repose (Sintax feat. Bi Raw)
Legends of Sleepy Hollow (Wonder Brown)

World Go Round (DeepSpace5)

Othello Freestyle (Othello and DJ Manwell)

Timeless (L.A Symphony)

Lesson In Power (Theory Hazit feat. K-Drama)

Lip Service Remix (DeepSpace5 feat. ManChild)

Small (Illtripp feat. Listener)

Adrenaline Rush (Lojique)*

Dang! (Playdough)

* DeepSpace5 is: Playdough, ManChild, Sintax, Listener and Freddie Bruno the Producers of DeepSpace5 are: Beat Rabbi, DJ Dust, DJ Manwell

The Scribbling Idiots is: JustMe, Mouf Warren, Theory Hazit, Cas Metah and Wonder Brown

The Brainwash Projects are: Pigeon John and Btwice of LA Symphony

Lojique is: PageOne the producer is Nickel

I’m still trying to figure out who is in LA Symphony and Mass Reality

Click to Download

~ by Michael Stover on September 21, 2008.

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