Did The Procussions Give All That It Takes (As Iron Sharpens Iron Review)

The Procussions are a three-man rap crew made of Mr. J Medieros, Stro the 89th Key and Rez. I first listened to the Procussions on Ohmega Watts’ album The Find and I was intrigued by heard to listen to more and picked up their first album As Iron Sharpens Iron. My first impression of the group was based on the songs that was placed on a podcast I listened to called “ParisDj’s.com The Procussions: Hip Hop Somethings”. From what I heard from the group was amazing. Can The Procussions contend with other already amazing hip hop groups (The Scribbling Idiots, Lightheaded, DeepSpace5, Tunnel Rats)?

To tell you the truth the beginning of the album is kind of weak, not bad but weak. The first real track on the album “The Introduction” is the only real standout track in the beginning. The problem with the beginning of the album is the production behind it. The beats are soft and have a light jazz feel to them. That’s not to say that the entire first half of the album is bad. “All that it takes” is one of the standout tracks in the beginning (even though the remix towards the end of the album is better).

Ok I’m done ragging on the beginning of the album, while the beginning may have been weak the end of the album does a good job trying to clean up the mess. Each member of the Procussions has their own solo track on the album, Rez’s track wasn’t too good, but Stro’s (“Down to One”) and Mr. J’s (“Water’s Edge”) were decent tracks. There’s only one downside to these two tracks: there’s too much of them. “Down to One” is only about four minutes long, yet the first time I listened to it, it seemed like Stro tried to do 5 16-bar verses. “Water’s Edge” is actually about six minutes long. I don’t mind long tracks but at least keep me interested for that duration.

One plus about the Procussions is that when they make a good song they make an extremely talented song that (as long as you have ears) should be rotating on your music player for year’s to come. A prime example of this is “Leave Me Alone” my favorite song the album. “Leave Her Alone” covers love and for the most part the bad sides of it. It’s about how one person (if it’s the wrong one) can completely change who you are as person if you’re not careful. Mr. J’s verse has lines that I put in my quote book. Here’s a some of his verse:

She’s invading my subconscious when I’m just relaxing

She’s asking for my time, grasping for my life

Perverting for the desire meant for a husband and wife

She’s a master of the media…

Tempt you till at last she defeated you

Robbing you of your strength like the story of Sampson

She used to hold me hostage, but my father paid the ransom

In a distraction using flesh as her attraction

Tells me I need her and this my reaction

I can’t let her inside my home

I gotta back up my things and leave her alone

In my opinion Mr. J is the most talented emcee in the group and this verse is just one of the lines that shows Mr. J’s talent (my review for his album Of Gods and Girls will be coming soon).

Another tracks that shines both from a beat and lyrical standpoint is “All That It Takes (remix)”. I love this song so much that I’ve made it my Senior anthem for the class of 2009. It’s a perfect song to play at a dance, in the car, wherever. The song is energetic and the emotion that the Procussions give off makes the song that much more lovable.

The Procussions are a very talented group but this album only shows some of it. The beginning half of the albums isn’t a good example of what they can do. One aspect of the album I wish they would’ve experimented with more was the combo that Stro and the drums make. I’ve seen video with Stro on the drums and Mr. J with rhymes and I honestly believe they should make an entire album with just Stro on drums with a simple beat like the one at the end of “Make It Happen” and Mr. J should throw in his rhymes.

I love the Procussions I really do and I intend to buy all their future albums because they have such great chemistry and mesh well together.




The Procussions mesh well together

When the Procussions make an excellent song it really is excellent.



Most of the first half of the album is kind of lame

Stro and Mr. J should’ve experimented more with their drum and rhyme combo

Rating: 3.5/5

Beats: 3

Lyrics: 4

If You Can’t Download the Entire Album Download These Songs


Leave Her Alone Click to Download

All That It Takes (remix) Click to Download

Down To One

The Introduction

~ by Michael Stover on September 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “Did The Procussions Give All That It Takes (As Iron Sharpens Iron Review)”

  1. dude, the procussion came before Lightheaded, Scribling Idiots, you are reviewing an album that came out in 2003! its their first album! before all those dudes, get with it! 5 Sparrows For 2 Cents came out in 2006, pick that up, aint a group in Christian HipHop thats touching these dudes! and “Of gods and girls” is prolly the BEST hiphop album of 2007 period, christian or not…get with it dude. thats like doing a review of Nice and Smooth right now…ha

    • First and for most thanks for stopping by…second I know the Procussions came before Lightheaded and SI I just feel like the Procussions production with the beats weren’t that good. 5 Sparrows and 2 Cents is a good album I just haven’t reviewed it yet. I reviewed “of gods and girls” and I agree with the lyricism behind that album along with the beats make the album an almost classic. Oh and I’m guessing you’re saying that the album is too old to be reviewed now but The Brainwash Projects released their album in 1999 and that was a classic album so….

      -God Bless

      P.S Since your the last person to stop you get to choose what the next podcast will feature. So hit me up with suggestions!

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