Christian Hip Hop Podcast #13 “The New and the Forgotten”

This episode covers some of the new stuff I received a couple weeks ago and it also covers some of the songs that I’ve listened to before and thought was good, but forgot to include it in a previous podcasts. So enjoy send me requests of music that you’ve heard on past shows or Christian Hip Hop that you’ve bought yourself and would like to have played on the show. Hit me up at!! Here’s the track listing. Download Here

Can’t Get Through (Freddie Bruno)

Alive at the Assembly Line (Othello)

Feel Good Music (K-Drama)

Falcon Plume feat. Mouf Warren, JustMe, Cas Metah (Sintax)

Conquistador (Labklik)*

We Need You feat. J-Rocc (LMNO)

Pops Song (L.A Symphony)*

Nobody Say feat. Raphi and Braille (Theory Hazit)

Few and Far Between (Ohmega Watts)

Completion (Lightheaded)*

Who Am I feat. Phonetic Composition* (Sivion)

Track 16 (Mars ILL)*

The Crowd Is Standing “Live” feat. DJ Maj (Ill Harmonics)*


* These are the members in each group:

Labklik- Listener and Illtripp

L.A Symphony- Sharlok Poems, Cookbook, Uno Mas, Flynn, Joey the Jerk

Lightheaded- Ohmega Watts, Braille, Othello

Phonetic Composition- Freddie Bruno, Playdough

Mars ILL- ManChild and DJ Dust

Ill Harmonics- Playdough, Blake Knight

~ by Michael Stover on September 29, 2008.

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