Disappear With (the new) L.A Symphony

Disappear HereIn a world where MTV and the radio dominates what artists we get to hear about, some artists are thrown on the backburner. L.A Symphony is one of those groups that one won’t see on MTV and probably won’t be heard on the radio, but still makes solid music. L.A Symphony obviously resides in Los Angeles and used to made up of nine emcees, but as of 2005 has been reduced to five emcees: Sharlok Poems, Cookbook, Uno Mas, Flynn and Joey the Jerk. These emcees came together and recorded 48 tracks; these 48 tracks have been cut down to 14 tracks and make up the album Disappear Here.

It’s these days to buy an album and be able to listen to the entire album without skipping a song, but this is the case with Disappear Here. The album has a strong start with their single “Timeless”. The production behind the track is simple but addicting. With the constant piano in the background along with the pounding bass line makes the track that much more addicting. The verses on the track seem more like individual freestyles by each group member. This track is a perfect introduction to a near perfect album.

L.A Symphony wanted to do their best to relate to the listeners more with this album and the Symphony does exactly that with the two best songs on the album: “Pops Song” and “Rise”. Both songs cover the adversity the group had to go through just to release this album. “Pops Song” is a song about how important it is to have both Mom and Dad when raising a children. The ironic part of “Pops Song” is the fact that Cookbook’s father died during the production of the song, which made the track that much more important to the group. Listeners should be able to relate to the strong lyrics of this song and each emcee tells how while none of their fathers were perfect the lesson that each father taught them were irreplaceable. Production on the track is more vintage and old school then new age (which isn’t a bad thing), but this song has been rotating and will continue to rotate on my MP3 Player for many more months.

The other song “Rise” is an uplifting track about how one may down, but through hard work, perseverance and belief one can make it back to the top. For L.A Symphony this entire track is based on personal experience, from conflict with their record company to one of the members in the group catching a disease that could’ve killed him. The emcees in the group also rap about how the wrong path they were on before they all started rapping, but they rose up and are now better than ever. The beat to the track has a sound of redemption to it, one that has me playing back this song numerous times in one sitting.

Disappear Here is one of the best albums no one knows about. It has everything a hip hop should have, if one is looking for straight up hip hop music listen to “Timeless”, “Put Up Or Shut Up” or “Money Song”. Looking for a hip hop that one can dance to, listen to “Dance Like” (which I wish was being played at Homecoming) or “Funky Song”. If one likes a song that has personal meaning behind it take a listen to, “Pops Song”, “Rise”, “Hold On” or “Less Than Zero”. All in all the album is a classic, I’ve listened to the album many times looking for flaws and have found none. Disappear Here is a must have for fans of hip hop or music in general.

If you want to buy the album buy it online because most retail stores don’t sell the album.



Production is solid and has addicting beats

A lyrically talented group.

All types of messages and music (dance, motivational, etc.)



Anyone who has listened to the group before will be sort of disappointed in the fact that the group has been trimmed down to five.

The Finland Intro

If You Can’t Buy The Entire Album Download These Songs
1. Pops Song Click to Download


2. Rise Click to Download

3. Hold On

4. Dance Like

5. Funky Song

Rating: 5/5 (Classic, If You Pass It Up You’ll Regret It)

~ by Michael Stover on September 29, 2008.

One Response to “Disappear With (the new) L.A Symphony”

  1. I agree. La Symphony are great.

    This album may be a bit of a departure from the bigger group but the downsizing works here. I love this album too!

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