Defender of the Art Mixtape #1

I’ve been gone for like forever with all types of stuff I had to do (Homecoming, Applying to College, Orthodontist appointments, a research paper). So what I did instead of doing a podcast I had a friend of mine the Defender of the Art put together a mixtape for me. So enjoy this is one of many mixtapes he intends to make for the sight so stay tuned.

Ajax Starglider- Nearsighted feat. Othello

Braille- Soul Rock feat. Ohmega Watts, Othello and Sharlok Poems

The Brainwash Projects (Pigeon John and Btwice)- MuchaChaChas

DeepSpace5 (Listener, Sintax, SevStatik, Freddie Bruno, ManChild)- Murder Creek

Future Shock (Sojourn and others)- Bomb Threat

Ill Harmonics (Playdough and another emcee)- Bowtie Jerks

Lojique (Othello and PageOne)- Instrumentalude Part I

Mr. J- Money feat. Pigeon John

Lightheaded (Braille, Ohmega Watts and Othello)- Lah Lah Land

Wonder Brown- Namesake

Lojique- Feisen Blue Yowd

Theory Hazit- Soph Sissy feat. Playdough

L.A Symphony (Sharlok Poems, Joey the Jerk, Flynn, Cookbook, Uno Mas) Put Up Or Shut Up

SevStatik- Disappear

Surreal and DJ Balance- Can’t Stop the Bumrush

Lojique- Throne feat. Braille

?- Dier’s Game

Illtripp- Fish feat. Freddie Bruno

L.A Symphony- Get Out The Van produced by Overflo

Theory Hazit- Jive Turkey feat. Ohmega Watts (three parts)

Click to Download

~ by Michael Stover on October 17, 2008.

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