How to Catch A Falling Tsar

Have you ever heard of Falling Tsar? I hadn’t until I looked at another blog and realized “Wow, this group has so much talent, I must have this,”. For those who don’t know (and I’m sure most you don’t) Falling Tsar is SevStatik, JustMe, Wonder Brown and Theory Hazit, in other words it’s most of the Scribbling Idiots plus SevStatik. . Does the debut of this crew have people wanting more or should Falling Tsar just quit while the group is ahead.

Apparently (if I have my story straight) the idea for Falling Tsar came from a friend who had been ill for a while and always wanted to start a group called Falling Tsar. I believe the friend passed away (I think) so JustMe, SevStatik, Wonder Brown and Theory Hazit decided to start the group and figured that all the proceeds would go to a charity (or something of that nature).

The album is only ten tracks which is the shortest Christian Hip Hop album I’ve ever listened to, which is kind of a downer, but the talent encased in these tracks make up for it. All of the tracks are solid with the exception of Table of Content which features Scribbling Idiots member Cas Metah. Table of Contents beat reminds of a beat that would be on Sintax’s Simple Moves album. The chorus which is where Cas Metah appears at is more corny than acceptable. The song is about not fitting into the world on a superficial level, because if you do you’re more of a robot than an actual person. Like I said it’s the worst track on the album, but that doesn’t mean you can’t listen to it (I’d give the individual song 3/5 stars).

As stated earlier most of the songs on the album are great, the only song that makes it to the classic level is Cob Webs. I’ve listened to track about 20 times over the past two days and literally listened to it for about two hours straight on Saturday. In fact as I write this review for you I’m listening to this song. Theory’s production behind the track is so addicting along with the lyricism behind makes this song one that should blasting on your stereo, mp3 player (or even CD Player if you have yet to get out of the stone age) for a long time. Cob Webs allude to the idea of the life we live before we find Christ or better yet before Christ finds us. Wonder Brown raps on how his someone very important in his life wiped the “Cob Webs” from his life and now his life is better. JustMe raps on the life after your “Cob Webs” have been removed from your life. What make this song a classic is how relatable it is to the lives we live today. If you can’t buy the album at least download “Cob Webs” you will not regret your purchase.

The track “Medusa” features one of my favorite rap duo’s: Theory Hazit and Wonder Brown, the two have made a mixtape together and even had a track on Theory Hazit’s Lord Fire. “Medusa” is definitely a banger and is the second best track on the album. Both Theory and Wonder Brown came from rough neighborhoods and got dragged into things they probably aren’t proud of. The track covers how Medusa casts a spell on the both them and because of her they did these evil things. Now I’m saying they blame her for all their doings, but Medusa strongly influenced them into doing these things, they in turn decided to do these things.

The last track I want to cover “Fool’s Gold” which features Lefty Grove who sounds a lot like a more aggressive Wonder Brown type. While this all up for interpretation I believe that is either Wonder Brown with a voice change or a relative of Wonder Brown, who knows. “Fool’s Gold” message is simple do not risk your life for money it’s not worth it. While this message may sound simple and obvious we still have people robbing banks, a lot of people are disillusioned by money (including myself at times).

The Falling Tsar project unfortunately might be a one thing, but hopefully the group will follow up with a Sophomore album. To me this is more of a sampling of their work and I like what they did with this album and strongly suggest buying. This is one of those albums for a time when you just have the urge to listen to an album front to back. This album is perfect for situations like that. Pick up the album it may not be a classic, but it’s pretty darn close.



COB WEBS is a classic single

Theory Hazit continues to show why he is one of the best producers in the Christian Hip Hop game

The entire album is lyrically sound

Mouf Warren makes a guest appearance



Cas Metah’s guest appearance is completely pointless

The album is only 10 tracks

This is probably the first and last time we’ll see the Falling Tsar project

 Beats: 4

Lyrics: 4

Rating: 4/5 (Like good music get this album it’s that simple)

Can’t Buy The Album Download These Songs


Cob Webs


Argue Believe feat. Mouf Warren

Brotherly Love

Heart of the Song

~ by Michael Stover on November 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “How to Catch A Falling Tsar”

  1. Yo, got your comment on my blog site. I appreciate the love you gave Providence Road. I just read your review of Falling Tsar. I’m sorry you didn’t like my hook. By calling it pointless you obviously missed the point. lol. You’re certainly entitled to your opinion but I think the overall satircal message of that hook went over your head. Not saying it was genius, just letting you know my side. Those of us that are hip-hop heads listen to lyrics but the majority of people really don’t. They like catchy beats and catchy hooks. Thus I sang to the melody and said something completely ridiculous on the hook for just that purpose of saying something out of left field. So it’s like “wait, what did he just say?” I was trying to get the attention of those types of listeners who sing along but don’t pay any attention to what they’re singing. For example, my 11 year old brother singing Soljah Boy “Super man that hooo”…he has no idea what that means? And if I told my mom what that song was about, I don’t think he’d be listening to it anymore. lol. So basically I’m just trying to encourage people to listen to music with content. (I realize that if they’re listening to Falling Tsar then they probably already have that knowledge but that was irrelevant to the concept.) Okay, so anyways, sorry I seem over defensive. I’m not trying to be at all. But again I just think you possibly missed the point. Peace out bro.


  2. Oh yeah, Lefty Grove is simply an alter ego of Wonder Brown. lol. No effects on his voice, he just has a skill at doing different accents. You should hear these skits he did on the Theory Hazit Beatdown album, hilarious! (Beatdown is the Hazit remix album of the first JustMe & Cas Metah, coming soon for free download)

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