Special Feature: My Evening With The Sound Providers

I first heard of the Sound Providers when I listened to Surreal and the Sound Providers album True Indeed. I eventually learned that the Sound Providers weren’t a rap group they were in fact producers. Now some of you thinking I’m the biggest idiot, but I learned that the group have released numerous albums. Naturally I went out and got their debut An Evening With the Sound Providers and after listening to that I got Looking Backwards (some of their really old stuff).

First of all Christian Hip Hop fans might not be a big fan of the some of the swearing (there’s not much but it’s there) and the artists featured on the album are not Christian Hip Hop artists with the exception of the Procussions (who have the best song on the album: 5 Minutes). The Sound Providers work in a way that many producers should work and some do follow their example (check out The Strange Fruit Project presents: S1’s Music Box). The Sound Providers produce an entire album then Hip Hop artists (usually Underground Hip Hop Artists) rap on the produced tracks.

How good is the production, you ask. Their production is vintage to the extreme and it sounds amazing. They like to use the old school bass (like the orchestra instrument not the rock band bass), another sound they use well is a slightly changed guitar (that’s the best way to put it), the best example of these sounds would be “Night to Remember” off the True Indeed album, “5 Minutes” of An Evening With the Sound Providers and “The Field” off their Looking Backwards album.

Now I’m not exactly familiar with the Underground Hip Hop world, but from what I’ve heard off their debut album is a mix between Christian and just good moral rap you don’t hear about the club, money, and girls, but instead rap against the mainstream and rap about just being a better person. Artists include, Wee Bee Foolish, Asheru, Little Brother, Procussions and Maspke. Their old stuff (Looking Backwards) features Profiler (who was part of the group at one point) and his stuff is all good morals (with no swearing by the way).

The Sound Providers are the first non-Christian Hip Hop group I’ve listened to in a while and let me tell you it paid off. Their production is one for the ages and if they existed before most of the mainstream garbage came out they would be legends (that’s how good their production is). In my book any hip hop fan, Christian, underground whatever type of hip hop fan you are, you absolutely need to pick up this album, you will not regret.




Group Rating (this is not based off of Christian Hip Hop standards) : 4.5/5 (So Close to Classic)



Sound Providers: Must Downloads

5 Minutes feat. The Procussions (An Evening With The Sound Providers)

The Field (Looking Backwards)

Dope Transmission (Looking Backwards)

Its Gonna Be feat. Wee Bee Foolish (An Evening With The Sound Providers)

Jazz at the Cove (An Evening With The Sound Providers)

~ by Michael Stover on December 4, 2008.

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