Christian Hip Hop Podcast #16 “I’m Back With No Mic, But Lots Of New Music”

Yes, I’m back and in the span of this whole month and a half, I lost my microphone (aka my Mp3 player) and I didn’t make the Varsity Basketball. However I did get accepted into Bowling Green State University and Kent State University and intend to major in Journalism. Lastly I got so much new music over the past two months it’s ridiculous and guess what, you guys get to listen in. Since I lost my microphone you guys don’t get any commentary (I know you guys are crying as you read this), but every song played on this podcast is music I have yet to play on the past podcasts. So brace yourself and get ready for Christian Hip Hop Domination. Oh…SHOUT OUT TO MY BOY TretheThird I can’t wait to pick up the album next spring (if you haven’t heard his music go to his site and download two singles from his debut album).


Click Here To Download Podcast #16


Track Name- Artist (album)

Pangaea- The Visionaries (Pangaea)*

Poetry In Motion 3- Braille (Scatterbrain)

5 Minutes feat. The Procussions- The Sound Providers (An Evening With The Sound Providers)*

Enough- Theory Hazit (Lord Fire Bonus CD)

Goodness feat. Braille- Tony Stone (The Creation)

Cob Webs- Falling Tsar (Falling Tsar)*

Where’s The Time feat. Mouf Warren (JustMe and Cas Metah are Unemployed)

Ready Forum produced by S1- The Strange Fruit Project (The Healing)*

See Clear- Acts 29 (Underexposed)*

Stay the Same- Surreal (Pardon My Dust)

Journey Journal feat. Lucidity- Cas Metah (Providence Road)


*The Visionaries are: LMNO, 2Mex and others

Falling Tsar is: Theory Hazit, Wonder Brown, JustMe and Sev Statik

The Strange Fruit Project is: Mythic, Myone, S1

The Sound Providers are: J Skills and Soulo

~ by Michael Stover on December 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “Christian Hip Hop Podcast #16 “I’m Back With No Mic, But Lots Of New Music””

  1. yo this is DJ CrossWaLk from the Midnight Prophets Crew. The blog is lookin good man!
    Keep reppin Him!

    be Blessed.

  2. Hey, this is Kofo from Nice blog you have here; loving the look of the blog. Very slick. Will be checking out the podcast now.

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