Future Releases Part I (Real Ones and Runored Ones)

If you’ve been keeping tabs on many of the Christian Hip Hop artists you’ll learn that there are many veteran artists and groups coming out with new material. There are also many rumored releases that have yet to be confirmed all this will be covered in the next couple of paragraphs.

 Modern Marvels (Theory Hazit)-This album was rumored to be coming out in November of this year, but unfortunately pushed back to the summer of next year. Theory has two solid releases already in Lord Fire and Extra Credit, I expect Modern Marvels to continue to show Theory’s prowess as a producer and rapper. I don’t expect this album to be as good as Lord Fire, I expect it to be the same if not better than Extra Credit.

Cloud Nineteen produced by S1 (Braille)-Braille has many albums under his belt however I believe Shades of Grey was his best work and he hasn’t hit that level since that release. Now I’m saying his work after that (Box of Rhymes, The IV Edition, Scatterbrain) was bad it’s just lyrically he has sort of strayed away from the religious aspect of his rhymes. But with this release Cloud Nineteen Braille brings Strange Fruit Project producer S1 along for the ride. A lot of this album has been kept under wraps as of late but the album is set to release in March of 2009. Braille’s single Frankenstein is up for download at Rapzilla.com.

The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be (DeepSpace5)-DeepSpace5 has been on a roll ever since they released their debut (The Night We Called It A Day). While the group slipped just a bit with their DeepSpace5oul release the group is back with a new feature-length album and I truly can’t wait for this release. This album is more under wraps than Braille’s new album, most have no idea when it will be released, what guests might appear on the track and the group hasn’t released a single yet. The less we know about this album the more excited I get about this release.

Dirty Words (Sharlok Poems and Dust)-ALLOW ME TO EMPHASIZE THAT THIS ALBUM HAS NO CONFIRMED RELEASE DATE IN FACT IT MIGHT NEVER COME OUT! THIS IS AN ALBUM I WISH WOULD COME OUT!! Poems and Dust have been collaborating since about 2001, however the group has never released an album. If you go to Dust’s website you can see a music video the group has made, a video and song that should convince any listener that the group should release an album.

~ by Michael Stover on December 14, 2008.

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