Looking For CD’s To Get For Christmas Well…

Do you have about $15 and a family member or friend that loves Hip Hop, well you’re in luck I’m posting some of the top Christian Hip Hop albums that you can get for that special Hip Hop loving someone. You can find these albums on amazon.com and sphereofhiphop.com.

Five Classic Album Stocking Stuffers

Lord Fire produced by Vintage (Theory Hazit)- This is the best Christian Hip Hop album release of 2008. The production by Vintage is one for the ages, his name can tell exactly what kind of sound you can expect on this classic album. Theory comes with everything you need to make a classic album: Guest appearances (Scribbling Idiots, Elias, Freddie Bruno, Sivion, Playdough, Raphi, Braille and others) an amazing producer in Vintage and lyrics that will blow you away.

The Find (Ohmega Watts)- In my opinion this is the best Christian Hip Hop album of all time emphasis on ALL TIME! Ohmega Watts comes with the rhymes and the beats in an album that every hip hop fan on the planet should pick up. Ohmega takes the creative approach to this album by producing some tracks and letting artists handle the mic (in other words Ohmega makes the beat, but does not rap on the track). It’s this album that turned to some other artists found on this track. Guest appearances are all over the place including: Sojourn (Future Shock), The Procussions, Othello, Braille, ManChild and others. If you don’t get this album you’ll regret it.

Unique Just Like Everybody Else (DeepSpace5)- DeepSpace5 has released three albums (with another one coming next year) and this in my opinion is their best. The album is filled with headbangers and with production by Dust and Beat Rabbi just solidifies this album as a classic. All the members of DeepSpace5 gets equal time with the mic and each member has their own style and yet the group manages to mesh well together. A 19-track adventure, fans of ManChild, Dust, Mars ILL, SintaxtheTerrific, Playdough, Freddie Bruno, Phonetic Composition, Sivion, Sev Statik, Stu Dent and The Listener should pick up this album.

The Have Nots (The Scribbling Idiots)- The Scribbling Idiots first full-feature length album is one that shows excellence in lyricism and production. Theory Hazit handled most of the production on the album, however guest production appearances include Kno, Deacon the Villain and Vintage. Theory Hazit, JustMe, Cas Metah, Mouf Warren and Wonder Brown show how strong their chemistry is. An album that contains all types of sounds and topics that the listener should never get tired of this album…that is until their next album comes out.

Pure Thoughts (Lightheaded)- Braille, Ohmega Watts and Othello come together to make Lightheaded and their debut CD Pure Thoughts is a classic. Production was handled by Muneshine and Ohmega Watts and the sound has a slight school feel to it. The lyrical content by the group it one for the ages the album seems more like a campaign CD to promote Pure Thoughts. Pure Thoughts also contains one of the best guest appearance tracks I’ve ever heard (Outro feat. RedCloud, John Reuben, ManChild, Pigeon John and Sojourn). Grab their debut album and their sophomore album (Wrong Way) and get yourself caught up before their new album comes out next year (Lo-Fi Heights).

Honorable Mentions

Providence Road (Cas Metah)

Shades of Grey (Braille)

Disappear Here (L.A Symphony)

Language Arts (Lojique)

Blooming Sounds (Sharlok Poems)

~ by Michael Stover on December 14, 2008.

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