Future Releases Part II

If you’ve been keeping tabs on many of the Christian Hip Hop artists you’ll learn that there are many veteran artists and groups coming out with new material. There are also many rumored releases that have yet to be confirmed all this will be covered in the next couple of paragraphs.

Lo-Fi Heights (Lightheaded)- Lightheaded has two classic releases under their belt (Pure Thoughts and Wrong Way) and this release is sure to be a classic as well. With Ohmega on the beats and all three of them (Braille, Ohmega and Othello) on the rhymes can you come up with a better combination? Guest production includes Stro of the Procussions and others. I’m psyched to see who Lightheaded’s going to choose to be on their surprise cypher this time. Past Lightheaded Surprise Cypher guests include: RedCloud, ManChild, Pigeon John, John Reuben, Sojourn, Sharlok Poems, Sivion, Surreal and Adam L. Look for this release early next year.

Forgotten Title (Mr. J Medieros)- I kinda forgot the name of his album, but in my opinion Mr. J’s content in his music is amazing. The downside I’ve seen from the track listing is that there is only one person that will appear on his album. Now this could work out like Braille appearing 5 times on Tony Stone’s The Creation. Mr. J’s Of Gods and Girls album was a solid debut album let’s see Mr. J continue his Christian Hip Hop prowess with his next release.

Guest Room (Cas Metah)- When I saw this release on the Illect records website (Illect.com) I figured it would be just like Cas’ Providence Road album (which in my opinion is his version of Lord Fire), but when I saw the track listing on hhhdb.com my jaw dropped. Cas is having over 40 guests appear on this album. He’s going to have artists from almost every Christian Hip Hop group that has released a recent album. Guests include: LMNO, ManChild, Playdough, Lightheaded, Lyriz, 2-Tone and so many others it would take another paragraph to mention all of them. This album ranks third on the album I intend to get next year.

Now if you guys aren’t excited for next year’s releases, you should be many artists are releasing new projects so get ready and make some room on your MP3 Player for these future releases!

~ by Michael Stover on December 23, 2008.

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