Christian Hip Hop Podcast #18 “Poetry in MotionPlus”

This is the podcast after Christmas so I tossed in a great assortment of music for ya’ll to listen to. This upcoming week for the blog is going to be very special and the last song on this podcast should reveal a Special Guest who’s going to stop by the blog and will be featured in next week’s Man of Hour Episode 2!

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Track Name- Artist (Album)

It’s Christmas- L.A Symphony

We The Victory feat. Freddie Bruno and Theory Hazit- Motion Plus (The Sound Protest)

Parabolically Speaking (reprize)- Wonder Brown (The Wake)

Empty- Theory Hazit and Wonder Brown (FireArms Mixtape)

Fish feat. Freddie Bruno- Illtripp (Dialog of the Downtrodden)

Alexithymia produced by JustMe- Scribbling Idiots (The Have Nots)

You (Mash-Up) produced by Flynn- L.A Symphony (Unleashed)

Tell Em What- EDM (Def-Defying Mixtape)

Choc Promo- The Sound Providers (Looking Backwards)

F-Words- DeepSpace5 (A Night We Called It A Day)

The Find feat. Stro the 89th Key- Ohmega Watts (The Find)

Damsel in Distress- LMNO (Economic Food Chain Music)

Who Am I feat. Freddie Bruno and Playdough- Sivion (The Spring of the Songbird)

Promise Halieyoos Fisherman feat. Sharlok Poems- Flynn (Louder)

Rock Rock- Othello (Elevator Music)

Planes and Trains feat. Pigeon John and Blueprint- Mars ILL (Backbreakanomics)

Extra Track produced by ?- Special Guest (?)

Christmas Song- L.A Symphony

~ by Michael Stover on December 30, 2008.

One Response to “Christian Hip Hop Podcast #18 “Poetry in MotionPlus””

  1. Hey,how do I download this? the link doesn’t provide any file to download..

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