Walk Down Providence Road With Cas Metah

         Scribbling Idiots co-founder Cas Metah seems to be all over the place as of late. Cas Metah appeared on Sev Statik’s Back to Dust album on one of the best guest appearance tracks. Cas also appeared on the best Christian Hip Hop albums of this year Theory Hazit’s Lord Fire. His group the Scribbling Idiots released their debut album, The Have Nots and put themselves on the map as one of the top Christian Hip Hop groups. Lastly Cas Metah and JustMe released their sophomore album JustMe and Cas Metah Are Unemployed. So with Cas Metah appearing on all these albums, he seems to been flying under radar as a solo artist right? WRONG! After listening to The Have Nots I decided to find all the Scribbling Idiots solo efforts and Cas Metah has released two albums Dimension Tide (his debut CD) and Providence Road (his sophomore album). Providence Road was released in 2007 and in my opinion is his version of Lord Fire. The album contains numerous guest appearances and features production from Theory Hazit, JustMe, Dust and Vintage.

The unique thing that stands out in this album Cas Metah’s sheer love for God in this album. One listen through this album and you can tell that Cas pulled these verses from deep within his soul. One track where this shines is “Only For Love”. This track covers a simple lesson, we don’t deserve God’s love in the slightest and yet God gives his love to us anyway. The track also features 2-Tone whose chorus adds another dimension to this song. Now in this album Cas doesn’t have too many solo tracks, but the ones that he does have are definitely standout tracks in the album.

As stated earlier Providence Road as bunch of guest appearances, and you guys know how much I love guest appearances. One of my favorite guest appearance tracks on the album would “Journey Journal” which features Lucidity and producer Vintage. I’m guessing that in this track Cas Metah was referencing to his own life in this song. From his childhood when he believed that the world was “his for the taking”, Cas then transitions (along with the beat) to the present and tells how “that same world he played in is trying to take him for a fool”. Lucidity comes in a tells about her childhood where she had to deal with fighting parents. She continues by saying she has learned not to be like them and while her childhood was rough she is getting better every single day.

“Worth Waiting For” is another heartfelt track on the album and was also produced by Theory Hazit. Many can consider this a love song and it tells a lot about Cas Metah as a person. He’s willing to wait for the woman that God brings along for him and he knows God send him his perfect woman. Cas Metah’s message: love is “Worth Waiting For” and that while love is important he’s going to seek God first. And in the last verse Cas raps about the feeling one might have while he/she is in love.

“Seasons Change” is my favorite track on the album and actually ranks 4th on my favorite songs list (with Braille’s “Shades of Grey“, Mr. J’s “Keep Pace” and Ohmega Watts’ “Mind Power” being ahead of it). I believe Cas is rapping about a personal experience (I could be wrong), I’m not sure of the details so I’m not going to bother. After Cas Metah, Ruffian takes a verse, but Mouth Warren’s verse steals the show in my opinion (I’m a little bias since Mouth is my favorite Scribbling Idiots member). I’d tell you what his verse is about, but his verse is a little complicated for my little 18 year old mind to handle (or I’m looking to far into his words), but I’m still drawn to track, Theory Hazit handles the production on the track and it’s one of his best works. “Season Change” is a classic song, one that should be rotating on your Mp3 player for a long time.

Providence Road is one of the best albums lyrically that I’ve heard, Cas put his heart and soul into this album and in that way this album reminds me of Braille’s Shades of Grey. Production on this album is ranks at a top notch level Theory Hazit, Dust and JustMe take this album to another level. If you haven’t noticed by now this album is a classic and if you love hip hop this is a must have in your collection. Guest Room is supposed to released next year, but isn’t really a solo effort as he has over 40 guests on that album (hence the name Guest Room, I didn’t catch that when I first heard about the release). However Cas Metah is working on his latest solo project which is produced by Mattman, he says it’s his greatest solo project to date and it is truly better than Providence Road we might as just reserve it now because it will be a smash!



Every song is Gold

The lyrics come from his soul and his love for God making them that much better

Can someone say Theory Hazit’s production

Guest appearances by: JustMe, Mouf Warren, Fred Lynch and so many others



Guests sometimes seem to outshine Cas Metah

We have to wait for an even better album


Rating: 5/5 (Like Hip Hop, Buy the Album,

It’s that Simple)

If You Can’t Buy The Album Download These Songs


Seasons Change feat. Ruffian and Mouf Warren produced by Theory Hazit

Journey Journal feat. Lucidity produced by Vintage

Worth Waiting For produced by Theory Hazit

Heart & Soul feat. Lyriz and MotionPlus

Silence of the Lamb produced by Dust

~ by Michael Stover on December 30, 2008.

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