Pardon Surreal’s Dust


Yes, Surreal is back with his last solo release being in 2006, Surreal gives his fans a Christmas present by releasing, Pardon My Dust (which was actually released in November). Over the past couple of years Surreal has built quite the track with his past albums, Future Classic and True Indeed. Surreal has also worked some of the most talented artists and producers not just in the Christian Hip Hop world, but in the Underground Hip Hop world also. So how does Pardon My Dust measure up to Surreal’s past work? Should is this one worth dusting off or is it worth leaving in the dust?

While Surreal isn’t working with the vintage sounding Sound Providers, the production hasn’t missed a step. “Mama Don’t Cry” is the first track on the album and is also the first standout track on the album. Surreal introduces the track by saying that people (specifically in ghettos) carry guns to protect themselves and some people don’t understand that. But Surreal also covers the hurtful side of guns how they are sometimes used for revenge and can cause more problems. Another important message Surreal is trying to convey in this song is how a lot us don’t take to heart what’s really happening with the increased death toll. The part of the verse below to a certain extent encases Surreal’s message for this song.

“You hear the death toll on the news and it’s cold

Because numbers don’t breathe and numbers lack soul

He’s a living human being with dreams and goals”

During my first listen of Pardon My Dust turned out to only be half of a listen because I couldn’t get past the song “The Surface” which features Dillion Maurer. I listened to the song at least 12 times in one sitting (not kidding). The beat to this song is so addicting and it should remind some listeners of Ohmega Watts production (specifically “Mind Power” “Stay Tuned” “No Delay”). The only downside to this song is that it ends to fast, with a verse from Dillion Maurer and Surreal then, song over. The chorus tells what the entire song is about: “People tell that the universe is perfect, I guess you have to dig beneath the surface….”. If you don’t get the entire album at least download this song.

“Stay the Same” is one of my favorite tracks production wise, but most importantly lyrically and spiritually. Surreal’s message is simple: the world changes, but God never does and that’s a guarantee. Surreal produced this song himself and while it has the usual hip hop components to it, but he adds a creative edge, by throwing in the addictive sounding saxophone in the chorus of the track.

Pardon My Dust is a decent album, but it has some things holding it back from being a good or even classic album. First of all is the entire second half of the album, I absolutely love the first half of the album, the second half is ok. The intenseness of the verses and the production seem to slip after the song “First Chapter”.

The first not so good track off the second half would be “The Recipe”. Now here at the Christian Hip Hop blog we’re really not a big fan of the whole using bad words (see “Simply Ill” and Freddie Bruno’s use of the N-word on that track), but Surreal takes it to another level by swearing at least six times in this song and kind of had that mainstream “I’m the best rapper in the game” vibe to it. While I don’t mind Christian Hip Hop artists and tracks that have that vibe, I don’t believe you should swear in order to get that point across.

Surreal also puts the Quartz remix to “Mama Don’t Cry” which at least in opinion isn’t as good as the original. The original beat to the song is much better than what the remix has. The light at the end of the dark tunnel that is the second half of the album shines with the song “Pursuit”. The chorus says our pursuit should contain: life, love, happiness, truth, family and friends. Guest artist Supastition, raps about how he wants to seen when his career is over, not just as an artist, but as a father too. The production has a piano beat to it (which for any of you that know me, know that I love beats containing the piano), thus making this track a must listen.

Pardon My Dust is an album full of ups and downs, this was one of the hardest albums to give a concrete score to. If one considers the first half of the album one would say that the album is amazing. Move on to the second half of the album and that person’s opinion might change. Pardon My Dust is worth getting (uh…hello can somebody say FREE!!!), his fans will appreciate Surreal’s story telling raps and his lyrics praising the Lord however, fans might be disappointed in the swearing that Surreal does (this on the other hand is not a reason to not get the album).

You can pick up the album FOR FREE at :




It’s FREE (Need I Say More)

The first half of the album

Surreal continues to showcase his love for God in his raps

THE SURFACE feat. Dillion Maurer



The second half of the album

Surreal’s Swearing (NOOOOOOO!!!!)


Rating: 3.5/5 (Fans Get It, In the Middle In Terms of Good and Bad)

If You Can’t Download The Album Get These Songs


Just download the whole album it’s FFFFRRRRREEEEE!!!!!



~ by Michael Stover on January 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “Pardon Surreal’s Dust”

  1. I would’ve maybe given it a 4 rating,but I definitely agree that the swearing was not cool..

  2. it’s called expression. get over it, brother.

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