The Night We Called It A Day Review (finally!)

DeepSpace5 in technical terms can be called a group of groups, DeepSpace5 contains: Phonetic Composition (Freddie Bruno and Playdough), The Pride (Sintax, ManChild), Beat Rabbi, Mars Ill (ManChild and Dust), Labklik (Listener and Illtripp) and Sev Statik. Sivion wasn’t part of the group when their debut was made and Illtripp wasn’t able to be with the group during the time of recording. Their debut set the groundwork for everything that they’ve made after their debut. The Night We Called It A Day shows that this group has potential to go very far in their career as a group.

One of the most important factors of this album is the time each artist has with the microphone, with six members in the group, DeepSpace5 does a superb job giving each member equal time with the mike. Another part of the album I like is small, but very meaningful, at the ends of some of the tracks you’ll hear a short freestyle by one of the group members. The freestyles are witty and clever and gives the listener a chance to see the style of each member in the group.

The album begins by introducing the group as business company, then the album flows into the first full-fledged track. The title track is a whopping 7 minutes long and is one of the best intro tracks I’ve seen. Every member of the group is present on this track and gets pretty close to 16 bars on the track. Production in DeepSpace5 is handled by Beat Rabbi and DJ Dust and they do a great job with the beats on the album and this track is no exception. Standouts in this track and the album in general are ManChild and Listener, they seem to outshine the rest of the group in this album (no I’m not saying the rest of the group is bad they just stood out more).

“Stick this In Your Ear” is a clever track featuring the talents of Playdough, Listener and ManChild. While Playdough and ManChild’s verses are solid it’s the Listener that takes this track. Listener raps his verse by literally saying the punctuation where it would be placed in the sentence. Now some might say, “What’s the big deal about that,” but I’d like to see some of you guys rap by throwing in the punctuation. Here’s part of the verse:

“You love who you are period, I love who I am period

But when it comes liking parenthesis yourself

you have a question mark period, new paragraph, what?

I have a solution semicolon I have a fresh point dash of hyphen view period

I apostrophe am punctuating boundaries….”

Listener’s verse in this song shows how his style can change and the creativeness behind his lyrics.

“This Curse I Bear” is another standout track on this album, Playdough, ManChild, Listener and Sev Statik handle this rhymes. The track covers how all of the artists are talented and yet aren’t really seen by the mainstream because of their content. However they see this as a good thing since they want to distance themselves from the mainstream because of their content. It’s one of favorite tracks lyrically and shows what the members of DeepSpace5 go through to release their music.

“Murder Creek” is also another track that stands out lyrically and production-wise. The beat has the deep bass line with a either a clarinet or bass clarinet playing after the bass line is finished, of course the bass drum comes in afterwards. “Murder Creek” is a metaphor that could be for a lot of places (our country being one of them). Murder Creek is depicted as a depressing place with barely any freedom and a land filled with sin (sound familiar?). The chorus shows part of the message:

“On the banks of Murder Creek where hurts hearts to speak

I wonder if it’s worth all the nights I’ve lost sleep

Still at peace with the breeze the globes been given

Yo we’ll trudge Murder Creek to keep this life worth living”

A Night We Called It Day is solid album with no overbearing flaws, the only thing I can say is the production on the first album isn’t as energetic as the production on Unique Just Like Everybody Else. The sophomore album has more bangers, but still keeps the lyrical talent, the debut isn’t as energetic as the future albums. Now this isn’t to say that the debut has no energy just not as much. The debut is still a really good album and any fan of DeepSpace5 or Christian Hip Hop fans in general should pick this up.


The group meshes well together everybody gets equal mic time

ManChild and Listener standout

Beat Rabbi and Dust’s production ROCK!!


Not as much energy as their future releases



Rating: 4.5/5 (Almost Classic, Go Get It)

Can’t Buy the Album Download these Songs

Murder Creek

Stick This In Your Ear

This Curse I Bear



~ by Michael Stover on January 16, 2009.

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