“Called To Mind” Review

Paradox is part of End of Earth records home to some of the veteran Christian Hip Hop artists Sev Statik being one of them. Paradox has just recently released his sophomore album “Called to Mind”. I’ve listened to his twice already and tried to come up with a comparison, but I couldn’t come up with one. And to you guys the truth it’s a good thing because Paradox has a voice of his own. Filled with fast rhyming verses and a slew of guest that would make Christian Hip Hop fan’s jaw drop (at least mine did) “Called to Mind” has Paradox making great strides as he continues to mature as an artist.

There are two aspects to this album that I love, the guest appearances and the lyrical talent of Paradox. You guys know I love guest appearances and “Called to Mind” has plenty of them (remember there is no such thing as too many guest appearances). Artists include Sev Statik, Playdough, Propaganda, Kaboose, Othello and others.

“Hard Rock” is the banger on the album and was the first song I listened to on the album. The track features Othello and it’s pretty much a track of battle raps, the production is done by Beat Rabbi of DeepSpace5 and this the song you put in your stereo and blast to till your subwoofer explodes. Paradox shows on this track that he can rhyme and rhyme fast with quick hitting darts, Othello does the same making this a party banger joint.

However it’s the guests that I didn’t know about before this album that made the guest appearance even more special. “Snapshots” is the perfect example of this, the track features Metermaids-Sentence (a person I know nothing about). The track covers each artists’ every day life and how it’s just as stressful as the lives of “everyday people”. Paradox and Metermaids mesh well with each other toss the mic back and forth during the verses and the chorus.

Now the only flaw with this album is when Paradox gets by himself, he doesn’t struggle, but he’s not amazing either. The best way to explain it is that it’s kind of easy to tell that this is his sophomore album. I’m not saying every solo track is bad, in fact his lyricism reminds me (yes I said he has his own style, but I just thought of a good comparison) of a faster Braille (during his “Shades of Grey” days). Paradox comes with a full package of storyteller, battle rapper and overall Christian emcee stressing the importance of God and the morals he wants us to live with.

The best song on the album is “Let Your Life Speak” this track features Gina Chavez who sings the chorus for this track. The concept behind the song is simple yet complex at the same time. As Christians the way we live our lives should show people who we serve and worship. However, this is a little easier said then done, because of the society we live in, but it is possible.

Paradox continues this with the track “Ruined For Life” which makes one think how do we want to be remembered when we are taken to heaven? Paradox like many Christian Hip Hop artists want to be successful, but they feel they have done their job if their reaches and changes at least one person. We are all on this Earth to spread God’s word and that’s what Paradox and so many other artists are doing with their music.

The production of this album is slightly above average with some amazing beats and some so-so beats. Paradox is obviously a talented emcee and I honestly believe he’s only scratched the surface of his talent. A Christian Hip Hop group should honestly pick him up because he has love for the Lord and lyrical ability to back it up. Whenever Paradox collabs with an artist(s) it’s sure to be a good song.

Pick up “Called to Mind” it’s not quite a classic but it’s still an album you should add to your collection due to the lyricism on the album. Paradox shows a lot of potential on this album and we should all be psyched for any future projects Paradox is going to release.



Lyricism should remind you of the Shades of Grey version of Braille

Paradox collabs with guests very well

Let Your Life Speak feat. Gina Chavez

The second half of the album is amazing (escalates in terms of Christian lyrics)

Unknown Guests (Metermaids Sentences, Jeremiah Bonds and Gina Chavez) make listeners want to pursue their music also.


Production is only slightly above average

Paradox’s solo tracks are a mixed bag from extremely well done to decent



Rating: 4/5 (Good Album, Pick It Up)

If You Can’t Get The Album Download These Songs

1. Hard Rock feat. Othello and SameoldJake produced by Beat Rabbi

2. Let Your Life Speak feat. Gina Chavez

3. Snapshots feat. Swell and Metermaids-Sentences

4. Ruined For Life

5. Broken

~ by Michael Stover on January 17, 2009.

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