Christian Hip Hop Podcast #20 “Called to My Mind”

There are two themes to this podcast first and most importantly I’m giving you guys a preview of Paradox’s Sophomore Album “Called to Mind” (the review should actually be the post above this). 4 songs on the podcast are from his album and just as a preview I’ll just tell you that guest appearances are many (Sev Statik, Propaganda, Beat Rabbi, Playdough and many others).

The second theme of the podcast you’ll be hearing the first tracks that I heard when I was introduced to Christian Hip Hop about 2 years ago. The first three albums I received was Sivion: Spring of the Songbird, Surreal and DJ Balance: Future Classic and Braille: Shades of Grey. So take a listen to what I first heard when I was introduced to Christian Hip Hop.




Track Name- Artist (Album)


Broken- Paradox (Called to Mind)

Let Go feat. Supastition and the Masterminds- Braille (Shades of Grey)

Springshow- Sivion (Spring of the Songbird)

Can’t Stop The Bumrush- Surreal and DJ Balance (Future Classic)

All Work Together feat. Mouf Warren- JustMe (One Man’s Trash)

Lightheaded Anthem- Lightheaded* (Pure Thoughts)

P.T Cruise- Lightheaded (Pure Thoughts)

Snapshots feat. Metermaids-Sentence and Swell- Paradox (Called to Mind)

Hard Rock feat. SameOld Jake and Othello produced by Beat Rabbi- Paradox (Called to Mind)

Panacea- Lojique* (Language Arts)

Constance- Mr. J (of gods and girls)

Decisions feat. Sivion and Holmskillet produced by Vintage- Theory Hazit (Extra Credit)

Talk Music- DeepSpace5 (Unique Just Like Everyone Else)

Earl Grey feat. Sivion- Freddie Bruno (The Ballpoint Composer)

Publicity Stunt Doubles feat. LMNO- The Scribbling Idiots* (The Have Nots)

Let Your Life Speak feat. Gina Chavez- Paradox (Called to Mind)


* Lightheaded is Braille, Othello and Ohmega Watts

The Scribbling Idiots are JustMe, Cas Metah, Wonder Brown, Theory Hazit and Mouf Warren

Lojique is Othello and PageOne

DeepSpace5 is Sivion, Listener, Playdough, Freddie Bruno, Sintax, Sev Statik and ManChild.

~ by Michael Stover on January 17, 2009.

5 Responses to “Christian Hip Hop Podcast #20 “Called to My Mind””

  1. you’re the man. thank you, brother.

  2. gina chavez here – got an alert about your blog – great stuff, thanks for the props. bendiciones…

  3. yeah brotha much preciated.God bless

  4. I recently was made aware that Emmanuel Lamber aka Da TRUTH has been cheating on his wife with Tye Tribetts wife for the past year. Although I am not surprised I am very disaopointed. Even more now that We have been made aware at Epiphany Fellowship that his management new and did not step in. He will not lose his role in the church and will still be able to continue to make music through his label. Unlike his former Past William “Amabassador” Branch. How do you feel the church should address this?

    • I think one of the things that we all forget is that we all make mistakes, now I’m not saying what he did was right in fact I’m saying the exact opposite. At the same time that doesn’t you should lose everything because you have sinned, at the same time I don’t think he should go unpunished (and he won’t btw). We all make mistakes and while we consider certain sins to be worse than others, God sees them all in the same way. God will handle it and that’s all that matters.

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