Tunnel Rats: Tunnel Vision Review

Tunnel VisionThe Tunnel Rats is now officially one of the biggest rap groups to along in a while with 18 emcees in the group. But seven years ago The Tunnel Rats consisted of seven emcees with Dert as their producer. Seven years ago The Tunnel Rats also released Tunnel Vision, many people consider this album a classic, but do The Tunnel Rats really deserve classic rating with this album?

The first thing worth mentioning is that you get a lot of music for your money, 22 tracks to be exacted. Each track with different combinations of the Tunnel Rats crew. One quick fact, The Tunnel Rats are like DeepSpace5 in a way. The Tunnel Rats is a group of groups, LPG (Dax and Jurny), New Breed (Macho and Elsie) and a piece of DeepSpace5 with Sev Statik (and if you fast forward to now The Tunnel Rats have added the crew Future Shock and a couple emcees from the group Foot Soldiers). So obviously you get quite a bit of rap talent on this album and with Dert as the producer you’re bound to get something serious.

As you progress through the album you’ll run into the track “Sev Statik” which is by guess who….Sev Statik. This track is the usual Christian Hip Hop track that takes mainstream artists and puts them under a microscope. Sev Statik was the perfect emcee to choose for this track.

The very next track is the first part of a three track series by Macho on this album, “Ones Who Don’t” “Ones Who Do” and “Everybody Else”. Each of those three tracks cover the same idea of Christ being here to save us and Satan existing only to see us die. Dert’s production covers all ends of the hip hop spectrum, from the dark beat, to a slight R&B beat. My favorite out of the three would have to be “One’s Who Don’t”.

Directly after Macho’s “One’s Who Do” Zane and Elsie take the next track “Ladies”. Now as I’m sure you’ve guessed by now is that both Zane and Elsie are women and on this track the two of them cover stereotypes they (and most women for that matter) deal with and how just because they’re women doesn’t mean that they don’t have rap talent. I really like the two of them as a team and in fact the two were rumored to making an album together, but we have yet to hear confirmation on this.

My favorite album on this album proceeds after Zane and Elsie’s track “2 Cents” has my favorite beat on it (it’s called Copper Currency and you can download it at sphereofhiphop.com) Macho, Zane and Raphi handle the rhymes on this track while Dax comes with the chorus. Here comes my first of two gripes with this album and maybe it’s just I haven’t fully adjusted to the group, but I honestly can’t tell the difference between Raphi’s voice and Macho’s voice, so if you know the difference please let me know. “2 Cents” is about how people try to give advice on how to live our lives when they aren’t in our place nor have they been through the trials and tribulations we have faced.

“Chainge” is another excellent track on the album featuring Zane, who raps about hmmm….let me think CHANGE! It’s the chorus that sells this track, especially at the end when Macho and Raphi join the chorus:

Your attitude needs to…

Your work ethic needs to…

The things you want need to…

The way you flaunt needs to…

The way you treat people like they’re less than equal needs to…


This track speaks loudly on how everyone and everything needs to change from our faith in God (obviously for the better), I need to change, you need to change, we all need to change that’s basically what the song covers.

The amazing thing about this album is the fact that it was made seven years ago and it sounds like this album came out last month. The various combinations on this album along with Dert’s production make this album a must buy for any hip hop fan, mainstream or not. The Tunnel Rats have changed quite a bit, member wise over the past seven years so if you wanna know where the Tunnel Rats started pick up Tunnel Vision.



Dert’s Production

The different combinations The Tunnel Rats use

The Tunnel Rats cover a variety of important topics



Raphi and Macho sound almost the same who’s who?

There is one F-Bomb I believe it’s on the track “Master Plan”


Rating: 4.5/5 (Classic, Like

Music Get The Album)

If You Can’t Buy The Album Download These Albums


1. “2 Cents”

2. “Ones Who Didn’t”

3. “Sev Statik”

4. “Chainge”

5. “For the Heads”

~ by Michael Stover on January 24, 2009.

4 Responses to “Tunnel Rats: Tunnel Vision Review”

  1. Dude,I’m pretty sure the “F-Bomb” as you put it was a “S-Bomb”,Suckers!! And really that’s pretty rich coming from you when a few Podcasts ago you f-bombed your sister which I was thought was pretty un-christian like & very disappointing..

  2. …and if you fast forward to now The Tunnel Rats have added the crew Future Shock…
    Just a quick history lesson, Future Shock co-founded (with LPG) Tunnel Rats in the mid 90’s!

  3. No, Future SHock are no longer part of the Tunnel Rats, I don’t Peace 586 is either.

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