Christian Hip Hop Podcast #21 “Tunnel Rats With Tunnel Vision (I wish I had Tunnel Vision)”

Yes after many months drooling over Tunnel Vision by The Tunnel Rats I was finally able to get the CD and for those of you who haven’t heard of them get to hear one of the best Christian Hip Hop groups around today. Tunnel Vision is considered one of the best Christian Hip Hop albums of all time. Towards the middle of the podcast I also include an instrumental track by Muneshine (Lightheaded’s Producer) from his album A Walk In The Park (an instrumental album). ENJOY!!!

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Track Name- Artist (album)


A Long Road- The Tunnel Rats* (Tunnel Vision)

Tr’z- The Tunnel Rats (Tunnel Vision)

I Apologize feat. Listener- Sev Statik (Speak Life)

Reach the Sky feat. Kaboose- MotionPlus (The Sound Protest)

Ur Everything feat. Sintax- Freddie Bruno (Hold Music)

It Won’t Last feat. Othello and Pigeon John- Braille (Shades of Grey)

Ladies- The Tunnel Rats (Tunnel Vision)

Threshold (instrumental)- Muneshine (A Walk In The Park)

Line Finish- The Tunnel Rats (Tunnel Vision)

Let It Ride feat. Ruffian- JustMe and Cas Metah (Are Unemployed)

Tomorrow Starts Without You- DeepSpace5* (A Night We Called It A Day)

Brotherly Love produced by MattMan- Falling Tsar* (Falling Tsar)

Border Patrol- Braille, Surreal and Ohmega Watts (4 Days In Geneva)

Listen feat. Supaman- Kaboose (Bits and Pieces Mixtape)

2 Cents- The Tunnel Rats (Tunnel Vision)

* The Tunnel Rats (in 2001) are Dax, Jurny, Elsie, Zane, Sev Statik, Raphi and Macho with all the beats produced by Dert

DeepSpace5 (at the time of The Night We Called It A Day) is Listener, ManChild, Sev Statik, Freddie Bruno, Playdough and Sintax

Falling Tsar is Theory Hazit, Sev Statik, Wonder Brown and JustMe

~ by Michael Stover on January 27, 2009.

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