Lojique’s Logic Teaches You “Language Arts”

Language Arts

2002…Braille and Ohmega Watts were in Acts:29 with Soul Plasma, Lightheaded didn’t even exist yet. Listen to the Acts:29 album Underexposed and this one emcee shows up on three tracks. Fast forward four years later and Othello’s first solo album Elevator Music is released…well what happened before Othello’s solo career blasted off. One word Lojique.

In 2001 Othello was in a group called Lojique (pronounced “logic”) his partner in crime another emcee named PageOne. Their debut album Language Arts is one that is very pleasing to the ears and shows the talent of two lyrically sound emcees with production that makes the listener wanna dance around a bit…or maybe that’s just me.

There are a couple of things that make this album stand out, first is the overall production. I have no idea who handled the production of this album, but that person is a talent. The one knock I have against the production is that it sounds like I’ve heard some of these beats before, but the producer made the originals sound better. I’m not saying he toke recycled beats and beefed them up a bit, these beats just sound familiar.

A plus to this album is the guests, as I stated earlier in the article Othello appeared on the Acts:29 album, Othello and PageOne has the entire Acts:29 crew on their album. “Throne” is one of my favorite tracks on the album and it features Mr. Braille Brizzy. In my opinion this is also one of the more creative tracks I’ve heard in a while (the sad part is it took me numerous listens to realize the message). The track covers the judgment we will all face when the end of the world comes. What makes this track unique is the role that each emcee plays in this story.

PageOne starts the track with his verse taking the point of view of someone being rejected from heaven for not believing what Jesus Christ has done for all of us. Braille’s point of view could either be taken as someone who is a believer, but is still ashamed of what he had done or as someone who is just now realizing that he should’ve believed in Jesus Christ and still wishes he could go back in time and fix his errors. After Braille’s verse the song fades out and one would believe that the song is over. The song abruptly returns with Othello finishing the song with the BEST VERSE on the album. Othello’s point of view in this song is the viewpoint of God (no he doesn’t think he’s God), more specifically a grieving God. This verse should hit home with every Christian listener:

“My love for you spreads across eons of time into unfathomable amounts

One of which only I am capable of expressing without fault

It’s unfortunate we’re meeting on terms where there isn’t any other objective…

You stand before still unaware of who I am still, though I knew you before time existed…

As you witness me turn my head to avoid from having to watch twice

All the things that broke my heart, I gave to you all of me in a package of faith

You laughed and mocked and spat upon the box and watch as it sinks deep to the bottom of the lake of pride…

You hang your head, I step away to part from you, you never knew me up until today”

Obviously this isn’t the entire verse, but it’s pretty symbolizing God talking to someone who rejected the gift of eternal life.

So that’s the most meaningful track on the album how about the rest of it? The rest of the album is solid and very entertaining with darker tracks like “Throne”, “Fellowship of the Unmasked” and “Broken”. There’s also fun-sounding tracks “Language Arts”, “Feisen Blue Yowd”, “Youdontknowthehalf.com” and another one of my favorite tracks “Methodical”.

“Methodical” is a track about “The Art” Othello rhymes on how while he may dish the rhymes it’s God that gives him the content. PageOne also talks about how artist like himself and Othello go through a lot of trouble just because of their content. This track shows how well PageOne and Othello mesh together, their able to handle their own verse and toss the verse back and forth between each other.

I’d go into more detail about the album, but as you can see I’ve taken up enough space as it is. To sum up this album was a very good listen, there’s only one downside to this album…IT WAS THEIR LAST ALBUM AS A DUO!!! No I’m not joking Lojique released another album Process of Illumination but that album was only with PageOne, Othello left the group to pursue a solo career. So enjoy this album, but don’t expect any more projects from this amazing duo of Othello and PageOne!!!


Production is superb

Othello and PageOne have that classic duo chemistry (ala JustMe and Cas Metah, Braille and Ohmega)

Lyrically the album causes us to think about ourselves and everything around us


Production sounds familiar (not sure if that’s bad or not)

Rating: 4.5/5 (Hip Hop Fan? Buy It!!!)

If You Can’t Buy the Album Download These Song

1. Methodical

2. Throne feat. Braille

3. Language Arts

4. Feisen Blue Yowd

5. Broken

~ by Michael Stover on February 22, 2009.

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