Surreal’s Future Classic

If you read my past review on Surreal’s Pardon My Dust, I didn’t really give the album an excellent rating. However that album was not a showcase of his best work, Future Classic is pretty darn close to his best work. Surreal on this album also brings DJ Balance to the party to handle the cuts (I.E Rob Swift and Braille). This was actually one of the first albums I received from my cousin when he introduced me to Christian Hip Hop.

Now the title for this album fit’s perfectly for the sound and production of this album. I honestly believe if mainstream rap fans would change their viewpoint on music Future Classic would be selling so many copies (just like other Christian Hip Hop artists). The album gets straight to the point from the get go with the first track “Rebirth of Skill”. This song has the most vintage sound on the album and it’s one of my favorite tracks on the album. Almost every Christian Hip Hop album has the track that talks about how the mainstream is doing damage to the Hip Hop genre in general, and “Rebirth of Skill” is that track.

Surreal is part of the “Hip Hop Is Music” label and a lot of the “Hip Hop Is Music” family appears on this album and the first feature track is “Car and A Job” which features Ohmega Watts (who also handled the production) and HHISM family member Sojourn. “Car and A Job” is just as the song title says, there’s so many other things in this world that we want, but we should honestly be somewhat content with the fact that we have a Car, a job and a family that loves us.

After a slight Interlude in the music we move on to my top two favorite on this album. “Can’t Stop The Bumrush” has my favorite beat with the saxophone injecting every couple of counts. Simply put “Can’t Stop the Bumrush” is a fun track and one to put in your stereo just to have an excuse to turn the stereo to 11. Right after that track is “Moment In Time” which has yet another addictive beat to it. The track is Surreal reminiscing of the journey he’s taken before this point. It’s a very heartfelt track that should allow the listener to step back from the stressful lives we live to appreciate the journey we’ve taken and how far we’ve come since the beginning.

One important thing I love about Surreal’s music is that he usually includes a track about his past which from what I’ve listened to was a path that strayed away from God. But the best part is that God helped him turn around and Surreal always has a track that tells of the journey God has brought. It motivates the people like me (whose past wasn’t exactly one that followed God) and should motivate other people that God can help anybody, with anything at any time.

Now let me fill you in on a little secret with this album. “Let The Horns Blow” is the last track on this album. The song ends in 3:42 the album’s over right….wrong! If you are patient for about another minute one notices a (gasps) BONUS TRACK!!!! The bonus track features the one only Theory Hazit who is also featured on the track right before this one (“Yeah Boy”). He even tells the listener “Wait a second…this ain’t on the tracklist”. Theory’s verse kind of disses the mainstream rap community and Surreal raps about his relationship with Jesus Christ and his rapping ability in general.

Surreal shows a lot of promise with this album and it’s honestly hard to choose which is better Future Classic or his sophomore album True Indeed (produced entirely by The Sound Providers). Either way the production is solid, Surreal’s lyricism has always been one of my favorites and he brings a lot guests for the ride. This album honest to goodness has a chance to be a “Future Classic”.



Guests!! (Braille, Sivion, Theory Hazit, and others, guest production from Vintage and Ohmega Watts)

Surreal speaks from the heart and it shows in his lyrics.

The title “Future Classic” fits perfectly the production has a vintage feel to it


Wish there was more energy in the album production wise.


Rating: 4.5/5 (The name says it all GET THIS ALBUM)

If You Can’t Buy The Album Download These Songs

“Can’t Stop The Bumrush”

“Moment In Time”

“Permanent Ink” feat. Braille and Sivion

“Yeah Boy” feat. Theory Hazit

“Rebirth of Skill”

~ by Michael Stover on February 22, 2009.

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