My Vacation To Cloud Nineteen With Braille and S1 (Cloud Nineteen Review)

Braille, at least in my opinion has took a bit of a dip since his classic Shades of Grey in his defense however, it’s really hard to come with classic albums time after time after time. The IV Edition, while the album drew a lot of attention, I thought that album spelled a new direction for the artist. So when would we see the Shades of Grey Braille? I’ll just tell you right now Braille and S1’s Cloud Nineteen is easily Braille’s best effort in a while.

S1, who is S1? S1 (stands for Symbolic One) is a talented producer for the Strange Fruit Project. Many of you who have listened to The IV Edition heard S1 produce the track “Blessed Man” (one of my favorites of the album by the way). S1 also produced an entire album Music Box for a whole slew of underground Hip Hop groups and emcees. So when you combine Braille’s lyricism and S1’s production you get AWESOMENESS!!

The production style on this album varies from head banging to R&B sounding tracks. The album starts with It’s Nineteen and the beat has a heavenly feel to and Braille’s message is very clear and eye-opening. In our society today going above and beyond the average is known as “Cloud-9”, but Braille says, why can’t we go above and beyond the above and beyond and going for “Cloud-19”. Get it! Braille brings talented singer Ragen Fykes (who appeared on “Get It Right” from The IV Edition and “Work the Wealth” from Watts Happening) whose chorus this song and others on Cloud Nineteen to the next level.

While 2009 has just begun and there are so many new releases coming later this year, “Broken Heart” is my favorite song of the new year. “Broken Heart” features the entire Strange Fruit Project crew and Ragen Fykes comes for the second of three songs on this album and she handles the chorus of this song. Each emcee raps about an event that “broke their heart”. Braille talks about his father passing away, the second verse handles how important family is to him (sorry…I’m not real familiar with The Strange Fruit Project) and the last verse handles how one’s mother died and the impact she had on his life (another Strange Fruit Project emcee that I once again am not familiar with it’s either MyOne or Myth). S1 produced an absolute gem with this one and it fits the topic of this song perfectly. I’ve listened to this song 26 times on my Windows Media Player and about 50 more times on my Zune so this is the Song of the Year so far in my books!

“Fill It In” is the “10 Years” (from Shades of Grey) in my opinion Braille covers a multitude of subjects in this song. From finances to the state of hip hop Braille takes those topics and more and let’s you know how it is. This track also shows the versatility of S1, you go from the heavenly sounding “It’s Nineteen” to the head banging of “Fill It In”. Braille also brings DJ Idull to do his thing on this track.

This album should be in the running for Christian Hip Hop album of the year when it’s all said and done. This album is a classic and should be picked up fans and hip hop fans alike. The album has no filler so songs whatsoever and should get the listener to some introspection with where they are in life. The funny thing about this whole thing is BRAILLE IS ALREADY WORKING ON HIS NEXT ALBUM TO RELEASE THIS FALL!!! If his next album is anything like Cloud Nineteen I suggest you pre-order this one right now, I know I will.


No Filler Tracks every track is Gold

Guest Appearances from both Braille and S1 (Theory Hazit, Thesis, The Strange Fruit Project, Ragen Fykes etc.)

The first Lightheaded Track in about 2 years (WHERE’S LO-FI HEIGHTS)!

Braille’s best album since Shades of Grey


I’m selfish so I wish this album was about 50 tracks long!

Rating: 5/5 (Like Hip Hop BUY IT!!!)

If You Can’t Buy The Album Download These Tracks!!!

Broken Heart feat. The Strange Fruit Project, Ragen Fykes and Thesis

Hardrock feat. Lightheaded

Fill It In feat. Theory Hazit


It’s Nineteen feat. Ragen Fykes

~ by Michael Stover on March 11, 2009.

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