My Adventure Into MySpace

I’m not a big MySpace fan, I’m more of a FaceBook guy, but because so many artists put their new music on MySpace before releasing it to the public I decided to look at a lot of profiles. Cas Metah, , Ohmega Watts and Vintage

Ohmega Watts- Was the least updated out of the artists I checked out. He had some pretty nice instrumentals, but most of the music is from his most recent record Watts Happening. I’m sure before the Ragen Fykes album comes out we’ll see a more updated page.

Vintage- I loved Vintage’s page the best part about was that it included remixes of Lesson In Power (by Theory Hazit from his Extra Credit album) and a remix of Mr. J’s Strangers track. Vintage’s MySpace page makes me wanna hear a strictly instrumental album from one of the more talented producers in the Underground Hip Hop world.

Cas Metah- He also had a lot of new music on his page. Music from both of the new albums he intends to release in about April singles from both Guest Room and his other collab group Some Buddies (MotionPlus and Cas Metah). It also included a track he was featured on with the Kings of Tragedy!!!

~ by Michael Stover on March 18, 2009.

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