The Kings of Tragedy (MC Till and Wonder Brown) Review

Famous Musicians

With Braille’s Cloud Nineteen getting in the spotlight a couple of albums have kind of gone under the radar…The Kings of Tragedy are one such group. The Kings of Tragedy are a new group, but the group is made of two household names in the Christian Hip Hop world. MC Till and Wonder Brown are the tag team that make up the Kings of Tragedy. Some should remember MC Till from his other tag team project that he did with K-Drama, some should know Wonder Brown from his Scribbling Idiots crew. The two come together to make a rather unique album.

The best thing that makes this album special is the fact that when MC Till and Wonder Brown got together to do this album they made sure they had fun doing it and it shows numerous times during the album. From the first track on the album “Bless Your Soul” you know you’re about to go on a ride you’ll never forget.

Two tracks later I noticed something the third track isn’t a song IT’S A SKIT! The first skit “Famous Musicians” is a pretty funny track, so I skipped most of the songs to find more skits and there ended being about five skits. The skits actually put a satirical view on Hip Hop which found interesting and very entertaining I honestly listened to last skit “Infomercial Superstars” about 10-20 times in row it’s that funny.

Back to the music, as you progress through the album the tracks “Fun Factor” continues to rise. The epitome of this is “Cincinnati Summer” is one of the best examples of a banger that you play in the car (with the stereo bumped to 20) on a nice summer day. The production behind this beat is my favorite on the album and has that summer time feel to it. MC Till and Wonder Brown both rhyme on the environment they live in that we know as Cincinnati, Ohio. Wonder Brown also ventures into an area that I’ve never heard him in before…he’s singing. And it’s not amazing, but it’s better than I thought it would be and it actually goes well with the music.

After a skit about not having skits in an album (see what they did there HA!) the album moves on to “Puzzling Thing” where Wonder Brown again showcases his mad singing skills. Another plus to this album (this song included) is the Vintage feel that is seen through numerous songs on the album, “Morning Love” (feat. Cas Metah), “The Road” and a track that is really starting to grow on me “Wonderfully Delicious”.

“Wonderfully Delicious” features K-Drama and Chandre who handle the chorus of the song (the chorus is so addictive I find myself singing along with it and replaying the chorus about 20 times, NO JOKE!!). The track is your vintage love song and it’s one you’ll be rotating for a long time (it might also give you the urge to go and other vintage love songs in your collection.

The Kings of Tragedy do something that I haven’t heard in a while, they made a fun album, just by listening to the album you can tell the duo had fun making it. The vintage production with seemingly satirical skits about hip hop that are funny makes this album a definite listen. The one knock I have against the album is that the lyrics aren’t very thought-provoking but what they lack in that department they make up for in just overall fun having a good time. Get this album and lets pray we see a sophomore album by these two very soon



Just an overall fun album

Vintage sounding production

Cas Metah, Theory Hazit, K-Drama and Chandre are guests

The Skits are hilarious


The album lacks some lyricism

Rating: 4/5 (Great Album for your

Collection, GO GET IT!!!)

If You Can’t Buy The Album Download These Songs

Cincinnati Summer

Morning Love feat. Cas Metah

Wonderfully Delicious feat. K-Drama and Chandre

Puzzlin’ Thing

Sucka Sucka Yeah Yeah feat. Theory Hazit

~ by Michael Stover on March 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Kings of Tragedy (MC Till and Wonder Brown) Review”

  1. Hey bigsto, do you ever rate anything below 4,lol? I’m hoping to get myself a copy of this, I just hope it’s everything you say it is..

    • Believe it or not I do give other ratings lol The Procussions debut album got the lowest score I’ve given a 3.5 I might’ve given Othello’s first debut CD a 3/5 I’m not sure hahaha!

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