Christian Hip Hop Podcast #25 “Let Me Take You To CloudNineteen”

Song-Artist (album)
Sky Dive Intro- Braille (Cloud Nineteen)

It’s Nineteen feat. Ragen Fykes- Braille (Cloud Nineteen)

Special feat. Thesis produced by 9th Wonder- Strange Fruit

Project (The Healing)

Better feat. Dax- Raphi (Cali Quake)

Jiminy Cricket- The Procussions (5 Sparrows for 2 Cents)

Rap Fans- Mars ILL (Raw Material)

That’s It- The Sound Providers (Looking Backwards)

Hardrock feat. Lightheaded- Braille (Cloud Nineteen)

Mistakes- LPG (The Gadfly)

Fill It In feat. DJ Idull (Cloud Nineteen)

Rhythm- Soul Plasma (Simply Soul)

Freedom Fighters feat. Jurny Big- Playdough (Lonely Superstar)

Full Swing feat. Neogen and Deacon- Ohmega Watts (The Find)

Ruckus Bring feat. PageOne- MG the Visionary (Transparemcee)

Get Away feat. Francesca- LMNO and Kev Brown (Selective Hearing)

Broken Heart feat. Strange Fruit Project, Ragen Fykes and Thesis- Braille (Cloud Nineteen)



~ by Michael Stover on April 6, 2009.

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