Mr. J Medieros “Of gods and girls” Review

Mr. J Medieros is my favorite member of the Procussions and when I heard he was coming out with a solo album I jumped at the chance to get it. Mr. J’s album Of gods and girls showcases J’s ability to rhyme about important topics our world is dealing with today. There is no subject that Mr. J can’t cover, he covers topics such as money, the impact of his family to even more serious issues such as his general view of the world to rape, Mr. J covers these topics with a strong yet not intimidating voice. So how does the former Procussions member measure up to other solo efforts? Well I’m glad you asked….

The lyricism starts strong with the track “Silent Earth” one of my favorites overall with the lyrics and the production. The track at least to me seems to cover J’s perspective on the world around all of us. “Silent Earth” shows the strength in Mr. J’s lyricism and just shows the theme of the entire album.

“Constance” is the track from this album that caused the most buzz in the media. The track covers the very real issue of human trafficking in India. The song was featured on 60 Minutes when they did a special on human trafficking. Mr. J does a superb job putting the listener in the scene where all of this happens. The first verse of the track covers the story of Constance who is being sold to someone to make a video of her and sell it on the Internet. The second verse is about the person who watches the videos of Constance on the Internet and is oblivious to the true situation. This one of the heavier songs on the album, but it’s also one of the best.

Towards the middle of the album and on to the end the album gets everything about the album gets better. “Keep Pace” is where best part starts. To inform you “Keep Pace” is still to this day is my 2nd favorite track of all time (Ohmega Watts “Mind Power being #1). The chorus for this track says it all:

“Your life is worth more than that

Your body is built to weather any storm in fact

We are never meant for any harm relax

See the stars in heaven you were born for that

While the angels blowing horns cuz your back from the dead

In the middle of a war you’re trapped in your head

I’d rather chase the wonder of the light instead

And keep the pace till the hunger of this child is fed”

To me this song screams keep going no matter what the circumstances and also should remind many of the message that no matter what God throws at you he promises not to give you more than you’re able to handle.

The next track on the album is “Money” which features former L.A Symphony member Pigeon John. The track is about let me think….hmmm….MONEY!!! Basically how money is useful but can also drive us to directions that are not so good. The beat definitely has that party feel to it and also the one that you put in your car stereo and blast to 11.

Go forward two tracks and you run into another favorite track of mine “Call You” which is a thank you song to the people that helped J get to where he is today. The fact that Mr. J was able to keep this stellar lyricism going throughout the entire album just shows his talent.

The last thing I will mention with this album is the last four tracks on the album are remix tracks. With remixes by Joey Beats, the Siamese Sisters, Mike Kilo and Ohmega Watts. A “Silent Earth” remix by Ohmega Watts, “Half A Dream” remix by the Siamese Sisters, “Constance” by Joey Beats and an “Amelie” remix by Mike Kilo. Every single remix track is amazing and I kinda wish other emcees would follow in Mr. J’s footsteps with the bonus remix tracks.

Ever since I heard Mr. J on “The Life of Brian” (Up All Night Album) I’ve always wanted to hear a solo project from J and he did not disappoint with this release. The only gripe I have with Of gods and girls is the album is a little too serious I love how he covers a multitude of topics with this release, but I do wish there were more “fun” songs on the album. Procussions fans should definitely pick this up and watch for MR. J’S NEW ALBUM COMING LATER THIS YEAR!! CHECK MR. J’S MYSPACE FOR A COUPLE OF NEW TRACKS!!!!


Lyrically impressive

Doesn’t hold back and can tackle any topic

Four remix tracks


“fun” tracks are almost non-existent

Not too many guest appearances

Rating: 4.5/5 (Pick It Up, It’s So Close to Classic)

Lyrics: 5

Production: 4

If You Can’t Buy The Album Download These Tracks

Keep Pace

Half A Dream Remix by Siamese Sisters

Silent Earth remix by Ohmega Watts

Call You

Money feat. Pigeon John and DJ Vajra

~ by Michael Stover on April 6, 2009.

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