2009 Album Wishlist

Because I’m a broke teenager I appear to have chosen a bad year to be broke because there’s so much new material coming out it’s insane. HERE’S MY WISH LIST.

Post Your Album Wish List in the Comments!! (regardless of genre)

1. Zane One- L.A Woman

2. Cas Metah- Guest Room

3. Propaganda- Listen Watch Focus

4. Sojourn- Sojournalism: The Summer Chronicles

5. JustMe- Before the Twilight

~ by Michael Stover on April 10, 2009.

One Response to “2009 Album Wishlist”

  1. Hi Mr. Sto!

    I’m Laban from Kenya. I really love your podcast man! Dope stuff! I was already hip to a lot of the cats you play but one guy I’ve really gotten into since I started listening to the podcast is Sintax – that’s one ill lawyer!! About the wishlist, mine’s probably the same except I’d add Surreal’s upcoming albums with Dert, the SoundProviders and his HHIM release ‘King Poetic’. Oh, and cloud nineteen and ‘The IV’ by Braille. Anyways, thanks again. Jah bless!
    (not really rastafarian, i just like the lingo)

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