Jurny Big Is Really The Biggest (Battle Rapper) Of Them All

Jurny Big is one of my favorite members of the Tunnel Rats and he doesn’t get the respect he deserves. So when I realized he released a solo album a couple years ago I had to get it. Jurny Big should be considered the Battle Rapper of Christian Hip Hop and after listening to his debut solo album The Biggest of Them I kind of wanna him and Cas Metah team up for an album. Does Jurny’s battle raps make his album worth buying…well I’m glad you asked.And to tell you the truth the battle raps get kind of old by the end of the album. At the beginning of the album the Battle Raps were well done and Jurny’s delivery further proved why Jurny is good at what he does. By the end of the album though it seemed like Jurny was repeating the same idea he instilled four tracks ago.

The album starts off with one of my two favorite tracks off the album the first one being “Stroll Down”. Jurny takes the listener back to where he grew up and does this with great detail. Plus the beat contains the piano which means it’s amazing in my book.

Another problem I have with the album are the hooks…I’m not really feelin’ them. I know the hook is usually repeated in most songs, but the hooks from Jurny Big seem forced. It’s funny that the best song on the album (in my opinion) contains no hooks whatsoever. “Stay Calm” is the battle rap anthem for the rest of eternity because Jurny puts on the boxing gloves and hits over and over again with raps that will give any mainstream artist a headache. It also has one of the best lines I’ve heard in a while:

“You’s a fake sound heard in the background

While I’m on the frontline throwing punch lines

You tend to back down”

I know it doesn’t sound like much, but the intensity that Jurny brings to this track is insane and that’s one of the pluses this album has. You can hear the heart and passion that Jurny has for the Art.

“Afraid” is another interesting track on the album that strays away from the battle raps the rest of the album contains. The hook for this song changes and basically says what he’s afraid of. Every topic is covered in this track from his spirituality to relationship issues.

This album is solid and any battle rapper fan will take the album cover and frame it in their best frame. The only gripes I have against the album are that the hooks for the most part sound forced. Lyrically the continuous battle raps get old by the end of the album. You don’t see too much of the religious aspect on this one but that doesn’t mean it’s not there.

The pluses with this album are the guest appearances and a very special one from Dert except this time he’s on the rhymes not just the beat. “Stay Calm” is a track to remember for hip hop fans. While the balance isn’t perfect you do have the Christian tracks on there they’re just overshadowed by all the battle raps.

Now I can’t dock of many points for this album being primarily battle raps because Jurny told his fans on LPG’S The Gadfly that he was a battle rapper and it probably wasn’t going to change. So Jurny fans get used to it.



Jurny Big shows he’s the best Christian Battle Rapper (talk about Oxymoron).

Dert with the rhymes INTERESTING!!!

Some hooks seem forced

Too much many battle raps not enough Christian

Rating: 4/5 (Good, Go Get It!!)

If You Can’t Buy The Album Download These Songs


1. Stay Calm

2. Lost Angels feat. Dax

3. West Covina Cats feat. Dert

4. Stroll Down

5. Know My Name


~ by Michael Stover on April 10, 2009.

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