What’s Rotatiing On My Zune Week 2

Yes another installment of what I’ve been listening to on my Zune over the past week or so….

Single Tracks Song


Falcon Gentle by 2mex

Stay Calm by Jurny Big

Broken Now by L.A Symphony

Seeds feat. Playdough by Paradox

Relax Let It Go by EDM (Mouf Warren and Griffin)

Excuse Me by Kaboose

Out of the Blue Remix by Sivion remixed by Theory Hazit

Not Anymore feat. Dax by Zane One

My Suitcase feat. JustMe and Sojourn by Ajax Starglider

Just Raps feat. Future Shock and Scribbling Idiots by JustMe

Far Away feat. Othello and Jacewon by Surreal

Standin’ by Cas Metah

Cold Day In Hell by The Brainwash Projects

Slow to Anger by Braille

What You Got by The Tunnel Rats

DL Drop by L.A Symphony


The Tunnel Rats by the Tunnel Rats

People Watching by Solseekers

The Biggest of Them All by Jurny Big

The HaveNots (instrumental) by The Scribbling Idiots

~ by Michael Stover on April 10, 2009.

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