Kaboose Innersection Review

Kaboose who is extended family of the Scribbling Idiots has the ability that not a lot of other emcees have. He can sing and rap at the same time (ala Elias and Dax). I first heard Kaboose on the SI posse cut “Driven” and I can’t lie the first two lines of his verse hit me and made me want to listen.

“I’m not the one to go for the throat with them battle type tactics

I aim to maintain and keep your head bouncing’ like a mattress”

Kaboose released his first solo album in 2004 and showcased his talent to the world and let me tell you, you do NOT wanna miss out on this release.

Yes I’m just going to tell you straight up this album is a CLASSIC! If you read the review to Jurny Big’s album I said that most of the album is battle rap. Well Kaboose’s album Innersection is the exact opposite, every single song on this album hits you hard with thought-provoking lyrics. By the end of the album you’ve examined every inch of your spiritual self and you feel confident in what you set out to accomplish.

The album starts off strong with bang with “Just Rock” where Kaboose just hits you with verse after verse of lyrics that make you think. Now the it’s not just the lyrics that makes this album classic the beats are well made also the hard hitting bass with the intense piano in the back makes this track a banger.

After a guest appearance from Kid Sundance and Phenom, you get a guest appearance from Mr. 518 (that’s Sev Statik for those out of the loop). The track “Can’t Call It” is actually part of at least in my opinion the 4 of the 5 best tracks on the album. “Can’t Call It” handles both the topic of listening to those around you and just you’re overall opinion of yourself. This track also showcases Kaboose’s singing talent (which isn’t seen too much on this album).

The song after that is “Voices” and most listeners should be able to relate to this track hardcore. The complex subject of Life is the topic of this song and it covers the stresses of life. The challenge of trying to be your own person in a society where if you don’t conform to what they believe you are ridiculed. The chorus with the woman singer takes the track to the next level.

After that the track “Sleep” comes up and features Braille, but due space constraints (LOL) I’ll move onto the last in the 4 track set “Slowly Dying” featuring Scribbling Idiots Elias (another singer/rapper combo). Elias handles the hook and a verse with this track and it handles being satisfied with the life you’ve choose for yourself. We should be happy with the direction that God is taking even though it may be painful.

My favorite NUMBER 1 track is “I’ll Try” featuring Obstacle. The track is as the title says, we will stumble and fall A LOT in our lives it’s a matter of getting back up and continuing to push on even when things seem bad. The chorus further pushes the message and is my favorite part of the song where Kaboose and Obstacle trade lines.

“Some will live, some will die

Some will laugh, some will cry

Some will crawl some will fly

Some will fall…I still try”

Kaboose’s debut album definitely went under the radar and should be picked up by all hip hop fans. I’m gonna be honest here after I did my review listen, I started the album over again and listened to the whole thing and then had going one more time as I was in bed. So get this and you won’t be disappointed plus you’re faith in God should increase and should allow for some introspection on the listener.



The lyrics hit you hard in the heart

The beats match with the song’s topic perfectly

Guest include: Sev Statik, Braille, Kid Sundance, Phenom, Obstacle, JustMe, Cas Metah and others

Has A Cloud Nineteen effect on the listener


Uhh…there are none



If You Can’t Buy The Album Download These Songs

I’ll Try feat. Obstacle


Slowly Dying feat. Elias

Sleep feat. Braille

Can’t Call It feat. Sev Statik


~ by Michael Stover on April 13, 2009.

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