Christian Hip Hop Podcast #26 “The Bangers”

So you wish you had a podcast that you could but in your stereo and crank to 11 well this is that Podcast. ALL BANGERS for the entire podcast…so enjoy.


Song-Artist (Album)

DL Drop- L.A Symphony (Unleashed)

The Fall produced by Beat Rabbi- Sivion (The Spring of the Songbird)

Freaky Flow feat. L.A Symphony- Flynn (In Like Flynn)

Makin’ Cake produced by DJ Manwell?- DeepSpace5 (BakeSale)

Rock of Ages- Sev Statik (Speak Life)

Unconditional- Lightheaded (Wrong Way)

Joy- New Breed (Nine)

More remix by Theory Hazit- Mars ILL (Hip Hop For Dummies)

Simply Ill feat. Klarity, Freddie Bruno and Sivion- Theory Hazit (Lord Fire produced by Vintage)

Emergency Broadcast- Playdough (Don’t Drink the Water)

Stand- Da T.R.U.T.H (The Faith)

Microphone Rush feat. ManChild- Braille (Shades of Grey)

Starving Artists feat. JustMe- Sintax (Simple Moves)

Southern Skies feat. Theresa Jones- Dokument (Planet Dok EP)

Permanent Ink feat. Sivion and Braille- Surreal (Future Classic)

For the Heads- Tunnel Rats (Tunnel Vision)

~ by Michael Stover on May 11, 2009.

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