Man of the Hour #3 Sintax the Terrific

 SINTAX THE TERRIFIC: Simple MovesSintax the Terrific has been around for quite a while and has established himself as the best Lawyer Rapper in the world. Sintax has two albums out his first being Simple Moves and his sophomore album being Curb Appeal. He is also part of the super group DeepSpace5 who has released four projects. And he’s done multiple guest appearances with artists, Mouf Warren, JustMe, Ajax Starglider and many others. Here’s a podcast dedicated to SINTAX THE TERRIFIC!!!


Song-Artist (Album)

Curb Appeal- Sintax (Curb Appeal)

Ziontific- DeepSpace5 (A Night We Called It A Day)

Cruel Tutelage: An Unauthorized Biography- Sintax (Curb Appeal)

Sensational- Sintax (Simple Moves)

We Got To feat. Sintax and Sev Statik-DeepSpace5 (DeepSpace5oul)

Make Believe- Sintax (Curb Appeal)

They Say- DeepSpace5 (Unique Just Like Everyone Else)

Turnabout- Sintax (Simple Moves)

Park Bench feat. Sintax- DeepSpace5 (DeepSpace5oul)

Your Biggest Fan- DeepSpace5 (Unreleased)

Ur Everything feat. Sintax- Freddie Bruno (Hold Music)

Blowing Smoke- Sintax (Simple Moves)

Bi-Polaroid feat. Sintax- Ajax Starglider (Middle Class Broadcast)

One More- Sintax (Curb Appeal)

Chain Fight produced by Dust- DeepSpace5 (BakeSale)

Ad Infinitum feat. Freddie Bruno- Sintax (Simple Moves)

~ by Michael Stover on May 11, 2009.

One Response to “Man of the Hour #3 Sintax the Terrific”

  1. Hi dude!

    Thanks for the Sintax episode. Been waiting for this one for a long time, man! Thanks a bunch. sorry bout not uploading the swahili track. You’ll have it by week’s end. Be blessed.

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