Playdough Is A Lonely Superstar

Playdough, one of the Kings of the Background Vocals (I’ll explain about the Kings of the Background Voice later), member of Phonetic Composition, Ill Harmonics and the super crew DeepSpace5. In 2002 Playdough released his debut solo album Lonely Superstar. In DeepSpace5 Playdough knocks out his verses, so naturally his album would be amazing right? Right! Well…
I’ve listened to Lonely Superstar twice and here’s what I felt after I listened to the album both times…………………………nothing. Ok I didn’t feel nothing, I felt the beats were hit or miss, along with the lyrics. The good points were some of the beats were solid and the Playdough’s lyricism shows to a certain extent. One big negative was that Playdough only seemed to rhyme his best, when he has guest on with him. While it seems like I’m down on this (which I am…) there is also a good level of creativity with this album.
The first notable track on this album is “5 Cent Needleheads”. Basically your starving artists track, which are usually my favorite tracks on every album. The beat has the bass in the front, with the piano in the back. My favorite part of the track is at the end where shouts out to many of the starving emcees. LMNO, Sev Statik, Listener, Jurny Big, Sup the Chemist, Freddie Bruno, Beat Rabbi, Mars Ill, Illtripp, Sivion, LA Symphony, Sintax, MG! The Visionary, John Reuben and DJ Manwell? And at the end Playdough makes a cut with an artist (who’s name escapes me) that says “So I become content with being lonely cuz fools are phony”. It’s those little cuts at the end of some of the songs that leave the listener thinking, it’s actually a very good strategy to getting people to think about how their living their lives.
My favorite song on the album is “Freedom Fighters” which features Tunnel Rat and LPG member Jurny Big. I love guest appearances, but what I’m not a big fan of is when the guests’ verses overshadow the album artist. Lonely Superstar is a prime example of this, LMNO, Jurny Big, Joey the Jerk and some of the other guests on the album tend to overshadow Playdough. I’m not saying Playdough’s verses are bad, it’s just what I’m hearing from the guests sound better. At the end of “Freedom Fighters” Sivion gets a quick 16-bar verse with a beat produced by Playdough.
A track that screams introspection is the track “Simple 1” which I believe is a track that covers the simple truths of life that a lot of us overlook, because we look life in a too complex of life.
I apologize for this being a short review, but I’m kinda bad at writing reviews for albums I’m not really feeling. This album would’ve been perfect if Playdough came with the aggressive rhyme-style he uses is in DeepSpace5. If I had it my way I would’ve had Dust, Rabbi, Manwell?, Playdough and Fred B. to make the beats (ala DeepSpace5’s Bakesale) and have Playdough with the DS5 rhyme-style. A plus for the album is Playdough tries a lot of things and hard-core Playdough fans will be pleased with this album. Anyone expecting a DeepSpace5 sound to it will be somewhat disappointed in Lonely Superstar.


Guests: LMNO, Jurny, J-Beits, Joey the Jerk, ManChild
Allows for some introspection
A very Creative album (the outros for certain tracks and Sivion’s 16 bar verse)


The production is only average
Playdough doesn’t bring the DeepSpace5 rhyme-style in this album
Guests tend to overshadow Playdough

Rating: 3/5 (Average/Fans of the Artist will enjoy it)

If You Can’t Buy The Album Buy These Songs

5 Cent Needleheads
Shadow Dance feat. LMNO
Lonely Superstar
Freedom Fighters feat. Jurny Big
Supreme Service feat. J-Beits and Joey the Jerk

~ by Michael Stover on May 23, 2009.

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