Christian Hip Hop Podcast #28 “The Guest Room”

In honor of Cas Metah’s new album Guest Room I’ve compiled some of my favorite guest appearances and put them together to make one of the longer podcasts I’ve done almost 2 hours long! Features artists from all over the Christian Hip Hop spectrum, 2mex, Mouf Warren, The Strange Fruit Project, K-Drama, Cash Hollistah and so many more! So take a listen and go get CAS METAH’S GUEST ROOM ALBUM!!!

Download Here

Live As It Gets feat. Theory Hazit and Playdough (Move Merchants)- Move Merchants

Planes and Trains feat. Pigeon John and Blueprint (Mars ILL)- Backbreakanomics

Falcon Plume feat. Scribbling Idiots (Sintax)- Curb Appeal

Def Tole feat. Theory Hazit, Cas Metah, Kas (EDM)- Def Defying Mixtape

Down But Never Out feat. Sev Statik, Manchild, Sintax, Illtripp and Listener (Sivion)- Mood Enhancement

Season of Tears feat. Zane and Elsie (Sev Statik)- Speak Life

I Wouldn’t Do It feat. Big Rec, Surreal, Sivion, Theory Hazit (Braille)- Box of Rhymes

Seasons Change feat. Mouf Warren and Ruffian (Cas Metah)- Providence Road

We Got It feat. Sojourn, Sivion and Theory Hazit produced by Ohmega Watts (Sharlok Poems)- Blooming Sounds

Let Go feat. Supastition and The Masterminds (Braille)- Shades of Grey

You Don’t Want That feat. ManChild, Playdough, Jurny Big, Macho and Raphi (The Tunnel Rats)- Underground Rise: Sunset/Sunrise

Let Me feat. Phat K.A.T.S, Freddie Bruno and Playdough (Sivion)- Mood Enchancement

Let Go feat. Bracey, Dre Murray, Jacob Izrael, and R-Swift (K-Drama)- Boombapitism

Heart and Soul feat. Lyriz and MotionPlus (Cas Metah)- Providence Road

Nobody Say feat. Raphi and Braille (Theory Hazit)- Lord Fire produced by Vintage

The Treatment feat. ManChild, Braille and Big Rec (Ohmega Watts)- The Find

Surprise Cypher (remix) feat. Adam L, Surreal, Sivion, Sojourn and Sharlok Poems (Lightheaded)- Wrong Way

Posse on Burnside feat. Ethic and Othello (Acts 29)- Underexposed

No 2 Ways feat. Triune, MotionPlus, Cas Metah, Griffin and Relic (Sev Statik)- Back to Dust produced by DJ Dust

Killin It feat. OneLife, Cash Hollistah and Big Rec (Scribbling Idiots)- Idiomatic Mixtape Volume I

Outro feat. Red Cloud, Sojourn, John Reuben, Pigeon John and ManChild (Lightheaded)- Pure Thoughts

Remember The Day feat. Dax, 2mex, Neogen, Dert, Big Rec, Mouf Warren, Dokument, Chosen 1, Griffin, Lazarus, Raphi, Drastic, Propaganda and Macho (The Tunnel Rats)- Underground Rise: Sunset/Sunrise

Low Budget feat. Rush, Cas Metah, MotionPlus (JustMe)- One Man’s Trash

My Suitcase feat. Sojourn and JustMe (Ajax Starglider)- Middle Class Broadcast

Just Raps feat. Future Shock and Scribbling Idiots (JustMe)- One Man’s Trash

Broken Heart feat. The Strange Fruit Project, Ragen Fykes, Thesis (Braille)- Cloud Nineteen produced by S1

Freaky Flow feat. L.A Symphony (Flynn)- In Like Flynn

Get Ignorant (remix) feat. Braille, Theory Hazit, Sev Statik, Nomis, R-Swift, Proph1 (The Breax)-Restocked

~ by Michael Stover on May 30, 2009.

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