Sean P (of Bone Circus and Move Merchants) Interview

 Sean P thanks for swinging by

BigSto: So for the people that don’t know who Sean P is give them some background on yourself and how you got into rapping and making beats.

Sean P:  Well…I started off rapping like everyone else…just being a kid and having fun with friends, then it crept into my notebooks in my alone time. But, I really started performing music as a scratch deejay right out of high school. Later I joined BC (Bone Circus) as a deejay then started making beats out of necessity so we could record original music. We recorded the first BC record with Blake Knight and Playdough. Playdough liked one of the beats on my beat CD and recorded “Ghetto Blaster” which was on Don’t Drink the Water. That’s kinda how I got in the loop.

BigSto: Theory Hazit & Vintage, Surreal & DJ Balance, Braille & S1, are all talented dynamic duos, what makes you and ManChild the next one?

Sean P: Wow. Those guys are really good. I feel like I’m on a job interview. 🙂

Hopefully we remind people of why they like Hip-Hop. And, I think that will make us stand out. Also, Manchild brings a unique spiritual fare that we hope will reach out to a somewhat untouched audience.

BigSto: Now I know when I heard about this collab project, I was psyched and surprised, I never saw this coming…how did the two of you get together to make this album?

Sean P:  It came about through the website The brains behind phatmass had been working with Manchild for several years. And, I also have had the pleasure of building a friendship with Dustin and the phatmass family for almost the same amount of time. When it came time for the Manchild project with Phatmass, he wanted just one producer to work with. So, they reached out to me. I met Manchild in about ’02 when we shared the stage together in Tennessee. And, he dropped a verse on [BC’s] FrameWork. So, we had a little history behind us.

BigSto: Obviously you’ve been able to work with ManChild tell us what it’s like working with him?

Sean P:  He’s a hardworking dude. He writes quickly with consistence and compassion. No nonsense. Low maintenance. And, he’s allowed me to be creative with what he’s given me. He’s dope.

BigSto:  You guys have taken a big step from a fans standpoint by including the instrumentals, what was the motivation behind it and give us a little insight into the sound of the album.

Sean P: We wanted to include the beats as an incentive to buy the record. Also, nowadays everyone is a deejay/rapper/beat-fanatic, so why not.

As for the sound of the album…it has a variety of sounds: party jams, thinkers, neck-snappers. Overall, we hope to give y’all the essence of Hip-Hop. You’re gonna hear hard-beats, scratches and raw raps. The beats are sample-based. So, it’s not in the vain of my solo Stiles for Miles, which has a more atmospheric vibe. It definitely has a rawer, thicker sound. And, the kicks are heavy, so tie your trunk down cause the subs are gonna bang!

BigSto:  Another question about the production, what influences (whether it’s spiritual/other artists/or music) the music you make?

I’m heavy influenced by other beat-makers. You can hear it in the base-lines. You’ll hear it in the chops, filters and snares. I mean, it’s been passed down to all heads who make beats.

So, aside from the traditions of Hip-Hop, my biggest influence is my mood. That determines the sound that comes out in the beats. That determines how I’m going to treat the sample or what instrument I will attempt to play. You know, it’s an art. So, sometimes I’m trying out new techniques while other times I’m blacked out, in a zone and time flies at the speed of God.

BigSto:  So besides making hot beats for artists what else does Sean P do in his downtime?

Well, I’m lucky enough to deejay for another awesome emcee named Playdough. So, I do shows scratching and occasionally mixing. If I don’t have many show lined up, I like to just kick it with a good friend. But, for the most part I’m a family man. I have a beautiful wife, a son, and a new daughter. My son and I like to skateboard and play ball in the house…you know…bring da rawkus!

BigSto:  Now that the Move Merchants album is finished what next for Sean P? And could we possibly see you and ManChild make another album together?

I’m always working on some kind of music, so there is always a possibility for another solo record. And, I get down with other artist, so you’ll be hearing my cuts and beats on different project in the future. Shout to The Naturalist, Heath McNease, MDA…among others. Look out for Playdough’s new one; hopefully you’ll hear me on there.

As for another Move Merchants record…we’ll have to wait and see. If this one catches on then that gives us less reasons not to.

BigSto: Ok Sean P, thank you so much for stopping by, anything else you’d like to say to your fans before you go?

Sean P: Fans? I really appreciate those of you that listen! Thanks so much for this interview Sto!

End Interview

~ by Michael Stover on June 10, 2009.

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