Failing A Class? Take Theory Hazit’s Extra Credit

  Theory Hazit has been on the top of his game for some time now, releasing Lord Fire last summer and releasing Modern Marvels this summer, how did this all start. Theory has released instrumentals, remix albums, mixtapes, but his first solo release was under the HipHop Is Music record label. Extra Credit was released in 2007 and it’s weird I’m just now reviewing it because I’ve had for about a year and a half now. When I first heard Theory Hazit two summers ago, I wasn’t the biggest fan, but once I heard him on Surreal’s Future Classic album I was sold and wanted to hear more from him. After that I picked his mixtape The Special Education of Theory Hazit and his talented shined on that mixtape, so I went and picked up Extra Credit. It has been on my Zune for a long time and I listened to about half the album and always skipped through the rest. It wasn’t until yesterday (when I was forced to do some yard work) that I went through the whole Extra Credit album from Track 1 to Track 15. The result…well read the review!
From the start of Extra Credit you already know you’re about to listen to an amazing album. Production on this album is done by many, Kero One, Tony Stone, Vintage and a bunch of others. After the first two tracks (“Lesson In Power” and “Gossip Synopsis”) comes Mrs. Hazit, which can be interpreted three different ways. It’s either about Theory’s wife, Theory’s ideal woman, or none of the above and I have no idea what I’m talking about. The beat contains piano in the background making one of my favorites on the album.
The first single released of the album “I Just Wanna Go Home” is an open book to Theory’s life before he found Christ. Honestly, I love this song because I can strongly relate to it. I too have a past that I’m not exactly proud of, but like Theory Christ found us and us on the right track. Theory’s future partner in crime Vintage produced this track and two others on this album. This is why Theory is one of my favorite artist because he isn’t afraid to talk about his past experiences to show that anybody can change with the Power of Christ.
“Dumb Dunces” is a somewhat funny track with a strong underlying message and a guest appearance from Cincinnati’s own K-Drama. The message at least from what I understand, is “hey, guess what we go school to learn, so quit goofing off and get down to business so you can make a future for yourself”. The beat is actually includes a sample from Scooby-Doo with a hip hop touch to it and it works (Theory actually did the same thing with the “Herman Munster” track by Phonetic Composition, he used a sample from The Munsters theme song).
Theory’s from the heart lyrics continue on “Hello Kiddiez” which wasn’t my favorite track of the album until I listened to it yesterday. The beat has a passionate feel to it and once again you get an insight to Theory’s life. “Hello Kiddiez” is a track where Theory shouts out to his kids and kids he has an impact on that he considers “his sons”. Here’s what I mean:

“…At first you showing signs of fear
And I wanted to beat the fear outta you
You are my son even though I’m not your real dad
Anything in life that you want I’ll help you get that
Just remember to stay focus and praise Jehovah
And play the game till game’s over I ain’ jokin’
Never give up, never give in especially
when it doesn’t look like you’ll goin’ win
See this is comin’ from a friend of a friend
Don’t be afraid to speak up and if I taught
You anything yo I taught you Jesus”

I really wish I had enough page space to tell about all the songs that I love on this album, but I’m already over the page limit. In fact in a perfect world I’d cover 5 of the last 6 songs on the album…anyway I’m digressing. “After School Special” is the “loaded” guest appearance track featuring JustMe and Sojourn, it’s pretty much a battle rap track that is quite entertaining. “IOU” is right after that and features the founder of the HipHop Is Music Braille. Theory raps apologies to people he knows he’s hurt and been a bad example to. It’s another lyrically meaningful track on this album.
So if you haven’t noticed this album amazing and a classic that should be in every hip hop owner’s collection it’s that good. Lyrically Theory holds nothing back and lets the listener inside his whole world. Now this album isn’t as good as Lord Fire but the volume is actually perfect. Basically if you like music pick up Theory Hazit’s Extra Credit and go pick up Modern Marvels this summer. It should be interesting to see if Theory can keep up this string of classic albums.


Everything about this album

Theory doesn’t hold back on this album at all

Beats are hot! (with production Vintage, Tony Stone and others)




If You Can’t Buy The Album Pick Up These Songs

Hello Kiddiez
IOU feat. Braille
Decisions feat. Sivion and Holmskillet produced by Vintage
After School Special feat. JustMe and Sojourn
I Just Wanna Go Home produced by Vintage

~ by Michael Stover on June 21, 2009.

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