JustMe and Commissioner Gordon Do Work Before The Twilight (Before The Twilight Review)

Before  the Twilight Cover Art

JustMe, a Tunnel Rat, a Solseeker and now he’s a Scribbling Idiot, he’s released numerous projects as part of groups and has a solid solo career. In 2004 JustMe released his first solo EP Brutally Honest and in 2006 he released his first solo LP One Man’s Trash (one of my favorite albums by the way). Now in 2009 JustMe has released Before The Twilight which is entirely produced by Commissioner Gordon who produced one of my favorite tracks (“Friendly Reminder) off of JustMe and Cas Metah’s album JustMe and Cas Metah are Unemployed. So can JustMe keep up his solid track record with his latest release Before The Twilight?

Upon looking at the track listing of Before The Twilight at first I was kind of bummed because there weren’t many guest appearances on the album, one from the Scribbling Idiots (which I’ll get to in a minute), one from Theory Hazit, one from Cas Metah and Ruffian, one from Wonder Brown, one from singers Lauren Lynn and Mira Beth. “Kentucky Chrome” was supposed to feature The Scribbling Idiots crew unfortunately I believe that SI is only heard in the hook (if that). So that was kind of a bummer.

Now this album is 46 minutes long, it took me over six hours to listen to this album because of one song “Open Your Eyes” which features SI member Wonder Brown. I played this song back so many times it was ridiculous, I listened to the track for about an hour at home, another half hour on the way to the park, about an hour while jogging through the park and pretty much for the rest of the night. “Open Your Eyes” is just as the title suggests sometimes when we blind ourselves from God we miss out on so awesome things that God had planned for us. Wonder Brown brings his experience from his Kings of Tragedy album and brings it to this track. Now when I first hard Wonder Brown (I mean like hard-core sing) I thought “Oh boy I’m not sure if he should be doing that” but as I listened more and more I learned Wonder Brown is pretty good singer and it is showcased on this track. It’s easily my favorite track on the album and possibly my favorite JustMe track ever (with “All Works Together” being tied with it). Production has a very “happy” feel to it Commissioner Gordon once again creates a classic with “Open Your Eyes”

Like I mentioned earlier there aren’t too many guest appearances and while I was bummed at first when I listened to the tracks I realized that JustMe can hold down the mic by himself very well. “Dues and Don’ts” is where JustMe uncovers his entire history of rapping from when he was a Tunnel Rat to now as one of the founders of The Scribbling Idiots Crew. It’s a great track to listen if you’re wondering where JustMe started off and his continued progress as an emcee.

JustMe continues owning the mic on his own by obliterating the next track “Third Round K.O” which judging by my first listen is him putting his wife on blast, but you realize he loves his wife and his son. The track covers the natural life changing event that is marriage the ups, the downs and everything in between, but at the end of the day you should be happy being with the person that you married and it should be a blast (or I could be completely wrong since I’m only 18 and haven’t even had a girlfriend yet….).
JustMe continues to impress with his talented lyrics, but Commissioner Gordon brings this album pretty close to classic status and should be picked up by every JustMe, SI or hip hop fan in general (cough…along with Cas Metah’s Guest Room…cough). Production by Commissioner Gordon along with JustMe’s meaningful lyrics make this a must buy…….so stop reading the review go buy the album!!!!!

The Good

JustMe and Commissioner Gordon are a very talented duo with good lyrics to compliment good beats
Tracks where JustMe handles the mike alone are great
Song topics hit home

The Bad

The Scribbling Idiots feature track doesn’t exactly feature verses from the SI crew


If You Can’t Buy The Album Download These Songs

Open Your Eyes feat. Wonder Brown
A Curse & A Blessing
Dues and Don’ts
Third Round K.O

~ by Michael Stover on June 26, 2009.

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